I came to College of Charleston in the middle of my third year of college. My first years are a long story, but suffice it to say that I wasn't very social(I ate in every day except two times during one of my semesters). Yet I came into this college with the resolution that I would force myself to be social and force myself to talk to people a lot more than I would otherwise.

My goal was technically a New Years Resolution, but it was successful so I don't think it counts.

From the very beginning, I met so many amazing people and the fears I had about finding a person to room with for my last year were quickly swept away when I met my best friend, an incredibly fascinating person to say the least. I won't lie though, I definitely was incredibly awkward most of the time, but I had the incredible fortune to meet so many people who weren't put off(at least not too much) by my social inexperience. My now best friend was especially good at dealing with my awkwardness; he finished cracking my shell and gave me real and close friends for the first time. He became someone I could talk to about anything and he could do the same to me.

He also gave me the slight push I needed to ask out my first girlfriend, and what an experience that is and was! As much as my best friend has helped me, she has helped me just as much.

I've also embedded myself into my girlfriend's friend group because her friends are so fantastic. It was amazing seeing how close she and her friends were and now that I'm a part of that group, it is even more amazing. There are now so many people in my life that I can talk to and rely on that I've finally begun to actually rely on them when I need it.

There have been so many people at this college that have changed my life that it's impossible for me to go through all of them, but I appreciate all of them. This college has made my life so much better and I cannot wait to see all these amazing people again this coming semester.

My thanks to all of you.