It's been the longest ride of your life. You're counting down the exits wanting desperately for the next one to be yours. 9E, 9W, Exit 10... It goes on and on. You'll think about the night you've had and great it was until this point. You're feeling sick to your stomach and every turn and bump on the road has you wishing for the power of teleportation. The loud and obnoxious music playing on the radio doesn't help to ease your mind. You are becoming increasingly anxious. "I just need to get home" you tell yourself.

You're focusing on your breathing hoping to distract yourself from the nausea. You'll then mentally curse yourself as your mind drifts to what you had eaten earlier that day. You'll force yourself to think of something else the nauseousness growing more intense at the thought of food. You're thankful that he didn't see you like this. The mere thought of him seeing you like this makes you flush with embarrassment.

Exit 16. You've made it! Now you just have to pass through the windy roads and street lights and you'll be home free. Every stop light seems like an eternity and you are slowly losing your control. When you reach your driveway you practically jump out of your car. Your house key already in hand. You are running up the stairs nearly forgetting about your house alarm. Once you reach the bathroom you fall onto the tile floor and heave up everything into your toilet.

Once you have regained a normal breathing pattern you'll sit back with your head against the wall. The cool feeling is soothing in contrast to your body heat. You'll look up at the ceiling and just sit there for a moment thankful that he didn't see you like this.