Getting Through a Tough Semester

Getting Through a Tough Semester

Six things I did to help me get through a tough semester.


College can be a really difficult time for some students and life can throw in new obstacles that makes things even harder. Last semester my roommate grew distant and I couldn't figure out why. She never talked about it so I thought it was a personal thing. When the rest of our friend group stopped talking to me and inviting me places, I knew there was more there. She had turned on me and told stories that had countless fallacies, and then and there, she moved out and I had no friends. Granted, these friends weren't all that great and often talked about each other behind their backs, especially making jokes about one friend who was engaged and whose fiance we didn't like.

Nevertheless, I was abandoned and felt really alone. These friends were all I had at school and my boyfriend and I were still long distance. This is when I had to find things that helped me find who I was. Hopefully some things I did can help people get through their hard semester no matter what the cause is.

1. Find support

I went to trustworthy advisors, at first, but then soon found a new group of friends. Just being able to talk to people and try to get past my difficulties. This new group of friends I found were more supportive than I ever expected and made me feel like so much more than an outsider that they felt sorry for.

2. Do what you love

I liked drawing so when I was alone I would fill my time with drawing to try to keep my mind occupied. I also watched a lot of Netflix because playing movies or TV show episodes made my lonely, empty room feel less quiet.

3. Don't be afraid to cry

Crying is a very normal action and college is almost guaranteed to make you feel sad at one point. It's not a bad thing to let loose the emotion that's being bottled up.

4. Focus on your studies

I slacked off too much and my grades suffered. I wish I had put more of my free time toward my studies and less towards feeling anger towards the people I trusted who abandoned me.

5. Know your worth

Just because you're struggling doesn't mean you are weak. No matter what difficulties are being faced, you are stronger than the hardships you encounter. Be a little selfish if you need to, put yourself before others and take some time to treat yourself.

6. Enjoy new things

I always loved watching wildlife on campus but when I was stressed it actually served as a way to calm me down. Whether I was looking at squirrels, groundhogs, deer, birds, or chipmunks, I was at peace. Walking around and seeing all the animals scamper about was a way for me to cope with things and everyone has their own version of this.

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