Tori Kelly is slowly, but surely, taking the music world by storm. Not only is she writing (or co-writing) many of her songs but girl has got a nasty set of pipes on her as well. She's pure, she even has a song that talks about how she's not going to let the music industry change her. So here are 5 reasons you should start listening to her in the new year!

5) She writes songs that you can relate to but, unlike many artists, they're not all about heartbreak or boys. They also have to much heart, you can't help but to sing along.

4) If you've got curly hair, then TSwift was your inspiration. But sadly, Taylor betrayed us all by trading in her curly locks for the ever popular stick straight style. Not Tori. Her hair is luscious #hairgoals for curly-heads everywhere.

3) She played a cute, shy elephant in the new movie Sing! which showcases her acting skills as well as her singing skills.

2) She has a great sense of humor and is totally willing to make fun of herself. She does this bit with James Corden and even though some of the people don't quite know her yet (they will) she still sings her heart out.

1) Lip-sync, auto-tune? What are those? In the wolrd of Tori Kelly, they don't exist because they don't have to. Her live performance is incredible (trust me, I've seen it).

So go forth into the new year with a new favorite artists! Pure and beautiful and REAL.