10 Signs That You're Not Over Him

There are many different forms of breakups, and just like being exposed to the outside for the first time, breakups are a part of our life that make us stronger, and more immune to the heartache of separation. However, the worst ones come with an inevitable dosage of bitterness, saltiness, and basically any opposite flavor of what you'd find in a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. And as simple as ending things with your significant other sounds, it isn't always that easy, and those lingering feelings will bite you back when you least expect it. Here's how to tell if you're simply not over your ex.

1. You immediately look for him in any room.

Doesn't matter if you're at the gym, a party, or even in another state. You're always on the lookout for that familiar and oh so handsome face.

2. Suddenly, his Instagram turns into Tumblr.

You've been scrolling down and down on all of his pictures like they're on your Tumblr dashboard, and pretty soon you're headed into the 2012 section of his posts. If you could reblog each and every one of them, you so would.

3. The Snapchat Frenzy.

You Snapchat him every day, even though he may not always answer. But maybe today will be different! And there's always tomorrow... and the next day...

4. You compare him to other guys.

No matter how many other guys you see, your thoughts always go back to him and those sea-green eyes and that perfectly sculpted jawline...maybe he has a long lost twin somewhere? A girl can only dream.

5. Your mouth moves on its own.

Enough said...literally.

6. You imagine impossible scenarios with the two of you in your head.

Hate to break it to you, but I doubt that the scenario of you two running into each other's arms on the beach and declaring your love for each other and kissing passionately will come true. Aim for France instead of the beach, it's more realistic...right?

7. You get angry when he's with another girl.

"What's that? He's laughing with her?! He's not allowed to laugh unless I'm there! Laughing together was our thing! How dare he!"

8. You constantly stare his way... and then quickly act like you weren't.

Nope, you didn't notice his new haircut at all. And you most certainly didn't notice his brand new leather jacket from Topman, size large, with studs around the collar, in the shade heather gray. Nope, not at all.

9. You ask about him all the time.

The classic "Have you talked to him lately?" and "Does he ever ask about me?" should be translated to "Tell me everything that he's done since I last saw him."

10. Adele is your new best friend.

At least you can say that you tried.

All in all, it's important to recognize the signs before a final diagnosis. And if things don't work out in the end, you'll always have two men that you can count on. Ben and Jerry.

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