Top 5 best Playa Bowls, told by Me.
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5 Playa Bowls Your Body Will Thank You For

Every time I went into Playa, I'd skim the entire menu, just to resort to my go-to bowl.

5 Playa Bowls Your Body Will Thank You For

Going home last weekend allowed me to reminisce on some of my favorite things about New Jersey.

Being from Central Jersey (yes, it does in fact exist), I kind of get to enjoy several factors from both the north and the south.

45 minutes from New York City, 20 minutes from the Jersey Shore, and one hour and 30 minutes from Temple University. What more could a girl ask for?


These past few weeks, I tried quenching my acai bowl craving with Jamba Juice. No offense, but Jamba Juice doesn't even come close to Playa.

After getting to experience my second home, AKA Playa Bowls, all over again, I can easily name my top five favorite bowls to get there.

1. Electric Mermaid.

This way by far my favorite bowl for like a year. Every time I went into Playa, I'd skim the entire menu, just to resort to my go-to bowl, the Electric Mermaid. The pitaya base is bright pink, attracting many to try but few to actually appreciate. Some might argue the pitaya is too sweet, but I strongly disagree. Pitaya base with granola topped off with kiwi, pineapple, mango, coconut shavings, and substitue nutella for honey. Can't go wrong.

2. Power bowl.

People argue all the time that acai bowls are actually really bad for you. Well, in all honesty, too much of anything is bad for you. So obviously if you're going to playa several times per week it's completely defeating the purpose of the benefits some ingredients can provide your body. If you're looking to keep it plain and simple, opt for the Power Bowl. Acai blended with chocolate protein and topped with granola, bananas, and peanut butter. Balance.

3. Sprint Boost Bowl.

The most intriguing thing about the Spring Boost Bowl is its color. The base is a light blue color, similar to the color of the turtle in the gif above. The base is a blend of banana, peanut butter and bluemajik, which gives the base its vibrant blue color. Bluemajik has a ton of health benefits, and you can find out more here. Topped with vegan granola, banana, bee pollen, strawberries and almond butter, I definitely recommend this bowl for any almond butter lovers.

4. Nutella Bowl.

Some people are super weird when it comes to fruit (something I'll never understand). But for those people out there, there's the Nutella Bowl. Acai blend topped with granola, strawberries, banana, coconut and a drizzle of nutella. Basic but to the point.

5. Olas Bowl.

Bananas are my favorite fruit. Of all time. So when Playa Bowls decided to make a banana base, I just had to try it. The Olas Bowl is a banana blend, which is a mixture of banana, almond milk, and honey. Topped with blueberries, more banana, chia seeds, coocnut shavings, and almond butter. Literally all of my favorite things combined into one.

Photo Credit: Playa Bowls on Facebook

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