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Hello dear readers, today we are talking about the Pagans of Youtube. As I was trying to learn more about my religion when I first began getting interested in Paganism and witchcraft, I had very limited access to books. I had access to what I could get from my local library. The nearest Pagan shop to me was more that a 40-minute drive from my house so I had to work with what I had, so when I ran out of books I turned to the internet. Now there is a lot of bad information and mixed messages on the web about Paganism and witchcraft, and finding information that I didn't have to check and double check and then check again was almost impossible. So even now when I find good sources on the internet, I try my best to share it and make it easier for other people just coming into these religions or who are just curious about them have a better chance of finding them. These are my top Pagan Youtube channels.

1. Pagan Perspective. (

Pagan Perspective is my number one Pagan Youtube channel. It has a great mix of hosts from a multitude of religions and types of witchcraft. It has so much information and you always get more than one perspective on everything. The hosts do a question a week that they will each take a day to answer and help the inquirer. They have even answered one of my questions. They are very helpful and you can learn a lot about the different branches of Paganism from this channel.

2. cutewitch772. (

The host on this channel is Cara, one of the hosts of Pagan perspective, and she is one of my favorites. She tries to do research for every question and tries to be as helpful as she can about everything. This channel is not strictly about religion, but her other videos are still very interesting and fun to watch.

3. Sionnach the Celt (

Another favorite of mine, Sionnach talks about everything from pagan misrepresentation in the media to gender equality. She is a wonderful host and has often entertaining rants about people needing to get their facts straight. She is very entertaining and, of course as someone else who has interest in the Celtic, I find her videos very fascinating.

4. Pagan Scholar (

So this is a channel I have recently gotten into, and as a college student I find it fascinating. The host Travis does this interesting combination of modern paganism and scholarly things like literature, philosophy and such. He also does a lot of work with Tarot if you find that stuff interesting.

That is all I have for you guys in terms of my favorites, but if you guys happen to be pagan and have any Youtube favorites, tell me in the comments so that I can check out your favorites too.

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