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I'm always watching Disney movies. For a variety of reasons, I find them some of the most creative, interesting movies to have ever graced the world, and I can watch them over and over again without getting annoyed.

Recently, though, while I was "Enchanted," I remembered that Giselle was, unfortunately, not a Disney princess.

Now, I am aware that there are rules for this sort of thing and that certain Disney characters just do not meet these rules, but here are five Disney characters that should be princesses, regardless of the rules.

In case you're curious, here are the specific rules as to what makes a Disney princess:

Rule 1 – Not be introduced in a sequel

Rule 2 – Must be human

Rule 3 – Must have a primary role in a Disney animated movie

Once the character has passed those rules, there are three other criteria, however, the character only has to pass one of these:

Rule 4 – Must be born royal

Rule 5- Must marry royal

Rule 6 – Perform a significant act of heroism.

And of course, there is the unspoken 7th rule, how well the movie did in the box office.

So, here are the top five Disney princesses who were not awarded the title they should have:

5. Meg

Now, it might just be me, because I love "Hercules" more than most things in life, but I have always thought Meg should be counted with the Disney princesses. I mean, realistically, she marries the song of Zeus. Zeus is the king of all of the gods. You can't get more royal than that really. However, "Hercules" didn't really do that well in the box office, and it wasn't specifically targeted at girls, so Meg doesn't make the cut.

4. Nala

To be completely honest, I actually spent most of my life thinking Nala was a princess. She marries Simba, he's a king, surely, she would be, at the very least, a Disney princess. But no. Nala is an animal, and because of that, she will unfortunately never be a Disney princess

3. Giselle

So, as I was writing this, I realized that, perhaps, Disney may have been right in denying Giselle the crown. Most of her movie takes place in the real world, so she technically doesn't star in an "animated" movie. She doesn't marry royal, nor is she born royal. However, she does slay a dragon, so I mean, I think that counts as an act of heroism. But, again, Giselle spends most of her time in the "real world" and is played by Amy Addams. Since Disney couldn't pay Amy Addams to just walk around all the time, even though Giselle made the list, it just wasn't possible for her.

2. Kida

I will fight anyone who doesn't believe Kida should be a Disney princess. She meets all the criteria, she's born royal, and she becomes the actual heart of Atlantis and saves her entire city, so you know, pretty heroic, but, again, "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" did not do as well in the box office as Disney would have hoped, and as such, Kida was screwed out of the crown she so rightfully deserved.

1. Esmerelda

Literally no one is more badass than Esmerelda. But, once again, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" did not do as well as the rest of the Renaissance movies, so Disney felt it was a good idea to not give Esmerelda a place on the list, even though she totally should have had one.

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