My Top 5 Favorite Conspiracy Theories
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My Top 5 Favorite Conspiracy Theories

It's What They Want You To Think

My Top 5 Favorite Conspiracy Theories
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There are people that legitimately believe in Conspiracy Theories. I am neither confirming nor denying their beliefs; I am simply acknowledging them. I’ve known and thought about them for years. There is something very interesting about exploring these theories, and I believe that even a skeptic can enjoy their origins. Here are my top five favorite Conspiracy Theories!

"The Reptilian Elite"

Respectfully, I cant help but laugh.

The story was popularized by David Icke, a BBC sports newscaster, who believed that major figures of our world were actually reptilian creatures that imitated humans. Origins aren’t necessarily agreed on. Either they evolved or came to earth about twelve million years ago.

Are you ready to fall deeper into this conspiracy, or should I stop there?

Believers talk of interbreeding and DNA alteration, This alteration made us easier to control. They're behind chaos in the world, causing wars by keeping us imprisoned within state lines and other boundaries. They caused The Holocaust and 9/11 and hide in the guise of famous people, whether it’s George W. Bush or Angelina Jolie. There is so much more to this controversy that I could write a book about it (and hey, there happens to already be a couple)!

Are you ready to convert yet?

I definitely don’t think I'm ready for that, to believe that authority figures can shed their skin, but this is one of my favorites because of the creativity behind it. You have to think on a whole different level.

It'ssss Sssssuper cool!

"The JFK Assassination"

Ah, this one is a classic.

There are multiple conspiracies surrounding this devastating event. But the one that has always interested me was the CIA's supposed involvement. It is one thing for the mafia, or maybe some foreign government, to be involved. But our own government?

Lee Harvey Oswald seemed like the most likely candidate, placed at the scene and having defected to the Soviet Union. He has also committed more than enough crimes to be seen as suitably guilty.

Is that what they want you to think?

I watched so many different documentaries on the subject, and I have been almost convinced. But theories are easily offered, and any good theory has information to back it up. That doesn’t mean it is the truth.

“The Butterfly Effect”

Okay, okay; this isn’t a conspiracy theory. It is pretty cool though. Yes, there is a movie about it, based on Chaos Theory, or “a branch of mathematics focused on the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions.” Although it is more logically used in turn with a weather prediction discovered by Edward Lorenz, I think the alternative idea is super interesting.

Basically, there is the belief that the simple flutter of a Butterfly's wings can influence an even bigger event down the line, like a hurricane. If you want another perspective, read “A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury. It is a great story!

"Illuminati Confirmed”

I'm semi-obsessed with secret societies.

The Illuminati is a secret society, specifically one that considers themselves enlightened. It was created in 1776 during the Enlightenment Era. It was banned, but branches had evolved into the modern Illuminati we see today. Their mission is to apparently take over the world (and hey, they may be filled with a bunch of Reptilians too, so double duty)!

Celebrities are a part of that list.

There is also a list of people who were killed by the Illuminati, maybe because they were trying to expose the Order.

The Eye of Horus is their symbol. This symbol is seen on money, television (like Nickelodeon). There is even a collage of artists that are seen doing the “666” sign for the Illuminati.

Want to know more?

Well, this is definitely worth looking up, as the information is much more detailed on the internet, and you will be able to decide for yourself if you believe!

"The Mandela Effect"

This is my favorite, and the most recent one I have discovered.

It is called the Mandela Effect because of Nelson Mandela, the civil leader. When do you think he died? Some have a set memory that he died in prison in the eighties. But, that is false. He died in 2013, but people have these accounts of his death.

A false memory was placed in their brain.

What about the BerenSTEIN Bears? Well, that isn’t their name. It is actually spelled Berenstain Bears, and just like many other things, people have a false memory of something that doesn't actually exist. There are multiple other examples, like, is it “Jif or Jiffy peanut butter?” or It’s Sex and the City, not Sex in the city.

Cool right?

Conspiracy Theories are intricate and interesting. They may seem unbelievable, but there are people who put time and effort into developing and trying to find solutions to them. I must admit, some go terribly overboard, but for us that can make light of it, there is so much more that can be discovered.

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