If you've ever gone to college or summer camp, you may have had the joyous privilege of getting stuck up on the top of the bunk bed. Given that many colleges are short on housing for students, many dorms make use of bunk beds to create more space. I am one of those lucky people who gets to call the top bunk home every night when I go to bed. There are both advantages and disadvantages to life way up high.


1. I can look down on all my haters.

2. You can throw things at your other roommates from up there.

3. No one sits on your bed.

4. It's like your own little world up there.


1. I live in perpetual fear that this is going to happen.

2. Due to heat rising, it gets unbelievably hot up there.

3. There's the constant debate of whether or not it is worth it to get up to go to the bathroom.

4. People can't tell if you're up there or not, so they just come storming in making noise unaware that you may be napping.

5. Sleeping right up against the wall because you're afraid you might roll off.