Bored? Want To Procrastinate? These Are The 9 Games You Should Be Playing Right Now

Bored? Want To Procrastinate? These Are The 9 Games You Should Be Playing Right Now

Spoons, Egyptian Ratscrew, and Uno oh my!

What do you do when it's Friday night, you have very little homework, nothing interesting is happening on campus, you are broke, and you are bored? This question has plagued many a college student that is stuck in the dorm for the weekend when they cannot think of anything to do. Boredom is the college student's worst enemy, so when Netflix has failed you, and avoiding responsibilities is your M.O., a natural solution is games! Card games, board games, word games, computer games, etc. are a great way to pass the time when there just isn't anything better to do. Here is a list of my top nine favorite games to play when I'm absolutely bored.

Each of these games can be played indoors with multiple people, and most do not require much more than a single deck of cards.

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1. Spoons

Just think of this game like musical chairs, but with spoons. Once you've got a good hand, reach for your spoon as quickly as possible, because once they're going, they're gone!

2. Egyptian Ratscrew

This is a slapping card game with similarities to The Game of War. Try to beat out your opponents by collecting all of the cards and slapping everyone's hands raw.

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3. Single Sentence Game

This is a fun word game to play on road trips when you're doing your best to not die of boredom. There are different versions of it, but essentially each person contributes a sentence to a story at a time, or you try to make a whole story in one sentence.

4. Uno

Uno... otherwise known as the game that ruins friendships. Be very careful if you decide you want to lay down a skip card or a draw four card. Your friends will come back for revenge.

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5. Pictionary

This game is a lot of fun if you and your friends can't draw. Just do your best, guys.

6. Psychiatrist

This game can be a little hard, but it is loads of fun for anyone that is not the psychiatrist. Only people who haven't played psychiatrist should be the psychiatrist, and the game works better if everyone playing is familiar with one another.

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7. 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

This is another popular road trip game where you try to connect any two celebrities through degrees of separation. The person who can make the smallest number of connections... is really good at this game.

8. Charades

A party classic! Lots of fun for everyone, but especially for people that are good at guessing games.

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And last but not least, my favorite card game ever!

9. B.S.

Also called Cheat, Bologna, and I Doubt It. If you really can't help yourself from cheating, this is your game.

But we all know what game every college students winds up playing in the end...

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The Time I Saved A Life

Proof that you never know what's going to happen.


My roommate and I love to go out and explore Charleston.

We frequently take walks to discover new parts of Charleston that we are not familiar with and just enjoy the beautiful city we live in.

The usual places we include the battery, harbor walk, and the marketplace. We were walking the battery, the weather was nice, nothing was out of place.

We suddenly walk and see a young man, probably 25 years of age laying down on the sidewalk.

This seemed strange right away, but many thoughts came to my head to dismiss it, maybe he just needs to sit down and escape the heat, or maybe he just went on a run and was resting. We had no clue what was happening.

As we walk closer, we are greeted by this man's dog running up to us and immediately trying to get our attention. We follow the dog who brought us to the owner, at this point my roommate and I know something is very wrong. The man looks unconscious and would not respond to us.

A bad situation took a turn for the worse when this man started to seize on the sidewalk.

It started mild but got very aggressive and scary.

There was no one around us on the sidewalk, it was up to my roommate and me to help this man. After a moment of panic, instincts kicked in.

I called 911 and said that we needed an ambulance here as fast as possible, my roommate cupped her hands under the man's head to protect it from hitting the pavement.

It's safe to say that neither of us has ever been in a situation like that before, but we both have common sense. We knew not to try and restrain the man because that could cause further injury to him.

We tried to protect his head while I stayed on the phone with the paramedics who were asking me constant questions. "How old is the man?" "Describe the seizing" "How long has he been like this?" Many of these questions were a challenge to answer because this man was a stranger to us.

The paramedics arrived in about six or seven minutes, but it felt like hours. Not long after their arrival, the man came out of his seizure; he was fine except for some minor scrapes.

He said that he was diabetic and his blood sugar was dangerously low. He also said he does not get seizures often; he hadn't had one in 6 years.

The man was extremely grateful to my roommate for our concern and help and me. This day occurred a couple of months back, but I still remember it vividly and think about it a lot.

Every decision you make affects not only yourself but the people around you. If my roommate and I had not stopped to help this man, who knows what would have happened?

Every decision counts so be sure to make the right ones.

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