Bored? Want To Procrastinate? These Are The 9 Games You Should Be Playing Right Now

Bored? Want To Procrastinate? These Are The 9 Games You Should Be Playing Right Now

Spoons, Egyptian Ratscrew, and Uno oh my!

What do you do when it's Friday night, you have very little homework, nothing interesting is happening on campus, you are broke, and you are bored? This question has plagued many a college student that is stuck in the dorm for the weekend when they cannot think of anything to do. Boredom is the college student's worst enemy, so when Netflix has failed you, and avoiding responsibilities is your M.O., a natural solution is games! Card games, board games, word games, computer games, etc. are a great way to pass the time when there just isn't anything better to do. Here is a list of my top nine favorite games to play when I'm absolutely bored.

Each of these games can be played indoors with multiple people, and most do not require much more than a single deck of cards.

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1. Spoons

Just think of this game like musical chairs, but with spoons. Once you've got a good hand, reach for your spoon as quickly as possible, because once they're going, they're gone!

2. Egyptian Ratscrew

This is a slapping card game with similarities to The Game of War. Try to beat out your opponents by collecting all of the cards and slapping everyone's hands raw.

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3. Single Sentence Game

This is a fun word game to play on road trips when you're doing your best to not die of boredom. There are different versions of it, but essentially each person contributes a sentence to a story at a time, or you try to make a whole story in one sentence.

4. Uno

Uno... otherwise known as the game that ruins friendships. Be very careful if you decide you want to lay down a skip card or a draw four card. Your friends will come back for revenge.

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5. Pictionary

This game is a lot of fun if you and your friends can't draw. Just do your best, guys.

6. Psychiatrist

This game can be a little hard, but it is loads of fun for anyone that is not the psychiatrist. Only people who haven't played psychiatrist should be the psychiatrist, and the game works better if everyone playing is familiar with one another.

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7. 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

This is another popular road trip game where you try to connect any two celebrities through degrees of separation. The person who can make the smallest number of connections... is really good at this game.

8. Charades

A party classic! Lots of fun for everyone, but especially for people that are good at guessing games.

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And last but not least, my favorite card game ever!

9. B.S.

Also called Cheat, Bologna, and I Doubt It. If you really can't help yourself from cheating, this is your game.

But we all know what game every college students winds up playing in the end...

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A Recent Sports Bra Suspension At Rowan University Has Gotten Female Athletes Outraged

A recent ban was placed on the Men and Women's Cross Country Athletes from using their designated practice facility.


UPDATE: Following the publication of this article, Rowan University administration has released a statement ending the sports bra ban and a statement regarding the usage of athletic facilities by the Cross Country team.

If you're running in a sports bra, then you must be asking for it, right? Well, according to a football player at Rowan University, this is true.

I'll have you know the real reason women run in sports bras, and it's not to show off our hard-earned abs. Women, whether they have a six-pack or not, run in sports bras because, quite frankly, it's hot outside. We run in sports bras because our workouts are demanding, challenging, and vigorous.

We run in sports bras because we are confident, hardworking student-athletes.

We do not run in a sports bra as a way to show off our bodies in attempts to distract men.

Out of the 15 Rowan University Women Cross Country athletes, all of them believe running in sports bras at practice should be allowed. Even the girls who don't partake in shirtless runs at practice still believe the other members of the team should be permitted to wear whatever they feel confident in.

The Cross Country team at Rowan is one of the only teams that is not provided with a daily uniform to practice in. With that being said, how is it expected for the women on this team to partake in an non-existing dress code?

A meeting was held with the Women's Cross Country Coach and the Athletic Director to address this issue resulting in the verdict of the women on the team no longer being able to run in sports bras. If that wasn't already enough of an outrage, it was also decided the women were no longer allowed to run on the track.

Women running around the track in sports bras at their own practice were claimed to be distracting to the football players on the field during the same time.

As if the women no longer being able to run in sports bras wasn't enough, now they're no longer allowed to run on the track, period. The girls are now mandated to run on the local high school track on workout days.

In 2015, Rowan University officially finished their new $4.6 million athletic practice facility. The practice facility includes two fields for football, soccer, field hockey, and lacrosse athletes. There is a dedicated practice area for each team. The men and women Cross Country teams have their track. Now they no longer have that privilege.

The problem here is not the women on the team. The problem is not the women wearing sports bras. The problem is not women's bodies.

Rape culture is the problem.

The fact that the Athletic Department supports the claim of this being distracting, or the women "asking for it," is disgusting. Mind you, the Athletic Department put together a video involving student-athletes addressing rape culture and how it is not tolerated here. Oh, is that so?

"As girls, we could look at the football team and say that their tight pants showing off everything is asking for it, but we don't. When we are on the track, we are doing a hard workout that requires all our focus, so we aren't looking at them and what they are doing. If they are distracted by us, then their practices clearly don't require their full attention, or they just aren't as committed to the sport." -Anonymous source

In the world of professional athletics, all female Elite runners are permitted to wear racing crop tops. Not only are they non-restricting, but they are a trendy, comfortable, and empowering part of the running culture.

As women, we are constantly reminded that we should be ashamed or embarrassed about our bodies. It's 2018, and yet women are still being objectified with their physical appearance.

As a nation, we are taking a step back into history, and as a University, we are teaching student-athletes that this is acceptable.

The women on this team not only represent the University but the growing community of female runners. It's time women are allowed to embrace their bodies and not live in constant fear of being degraded by men.

Women, athletes or not, deserve to use their voice and take a stance. The future generations are watching. Let's set a good example.

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I Don't Give Myself & My Accomplishments The Validation They Deserve, But I Should

I need to stop diminishing my accomplishments and I need to stop comparing myself to others.


I don't give myself and my accomplishments the validation they deserve. I don't think of myself as the brightest one out there and I definitely don't consider myself to be an exceptional example. I do so much, have so much on my plate, and still manage to get it done, but this contradicting voice in my head won't let me accept my doing's as "great".

Since I was able to understand it, since I was able to figure it out, since I was able to get it done, then it must've not been that hard. Often times I am the sole reason for my stress. I want to self-validate my actions so often that I don't accept my accomplishments as successful enough, and I try putting something else on my plate. Once I have accomplished that too, I start the process again. It's never-ending and never good enough.

Some may say that this is good because it always has me doing more and taking on more challenges, but it's exhausting feeling as if you're not doing enough. While the exterior world validates me, I cannot validate myself, and it has become one of the most frustrating things in my life.

The thing is, I only feel this way about academics and career-related things. Going to such a big university means there will always be someone smarter, someone more successful, and someone leaps ahead of me. As much as I want to be right there, right behind them I often times forget to remind myself that there are people right behind me as well. I am not last, but I will never be first either - and that's okay. My accomplishments deserve more self-validation than I give them.

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