Top 8 Travel Accounts To Follow On Instagram
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Top 8 Travel Accounts To Follow On Instagram

Wanderlust officially inspired.

Top 8 Travel Accounts To Follow On Instagram

Like most young people, I love to travel. One of the best ways to discover new places to see and put on your bucket list is by scrolling through Instagram. If you have a desire to travel the world and admire people who do, these are amazing Instagram accounts that will inspire you with amazing photos and videos.

1. Murad Osmann: @muradosmann

Murad Osmann, along with his wife, travel all over the world to places I've never even heard of. He takes professional photographs of his wife dressed in culturally appropriate outfits and in front of famous landmarks and beautiful landscapes. They use the hashtag, #followmeto on all the photos showing her leading him to their new destination.

2. Jay Alvarrez: @jayalvarrez

Jay Alvarrez grew up looking at faraway places on Tumblr and made his dreams a reality. He is usually in a beautiful tropical paradise, making crazy cool videos with his friends and girlfriend Alexis Ren.

3. Gabrielle Epstein: @gabbyepstein

Gabby is an Australian model who posts gorgeous pictures of all her exotic vacations. Her photos and style definitely inspire more than a little envy and she also has her own bikini line.

4. Samuel Taipele: @eljackson

Samuel and his wife are both from Norway and have revolved their lives around traveling and exploring the globe. All of their pictures seem too good to be real; probably because he is a professional photographer.

5. The Blonde Abroad: @theblondeabroad

Kiersten is a blonde, young woman from California who blogs about her vacations and experiences from east to west. She could make anyone want to go abroad.

6. Brooke Saward: @worldwanderlust

Brooke is a 24-year-old from Australia who has gone everywhere from Paris to Austria to Italy and Africa, with the pictures to prove it.

7. Round the World Girl: @roundtheworldgirl

Run by a girl named Elise, this account makes you want to jump on a place for a one-of-a-kind adventure.

8. Alexander Tikhomirov: @sashatikhomirov

A self-proclaimed Lifestyler, he posts sick videos of crazy stunts done all over the world, along with adorable pictures of his newborn baby Cosmos.

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