This summer I decided that I wanted to step even more out of my comfort zone. In doing so, I decided that I wanted to make a list of fun activities to cross off a bucket list for the summer. Some of these are things that I have done before, but they always make my summer so much better when I do them. I am already working on a high ropes course this summer and I am so excited; however, I need to get a little more adventurous in my quest for things to do this summer. So here is my bucket list for a summer in Indy.

1. Go Rock Climbing

Last summer I did this for the very first time ever. Since then I have only done it the one time and I enjoyed it so much, that I want to make it more of a habit to do. It was such a wonderful thrill that I crave to do again.

2. Go To Chicago

I have so many friends from suburbs of Chicago and even though I only left campus a week ago, I already miss them like crazy. I have also only been to Chicago once - about four years ago - and want to go back so badly! Peep a very youthful Cheyenne in the above picture too.

3. Go To South Haven, Michigan

I went here for the first time ever last summer with my ex and his family. Not only was it incredibly fun, but I loved the way everything was there. From the way that the water hit the edge of the sand to the tourists, it felt as though it was another place that I could call home.

4. Get Another Tattoo

If you know me well, then you know that I already have two tattoos. However, I want another one. Specifically, a lavender sprig. Why might you ask? Well recently I have gotten more into the benefits that it brings and I wear it every day.

5. Go Kayaking, Tubing or Paddle Boarding Somewhere New

I love Kayaking, Tubing, and Paddle Boarding. Basically anything in the water, but minus actually having to swim. So this summer I am making it a priority to go somewhere I have yet to be. I have gone to the Geist Reservoir and Sugar Creek, but this year I want to go to Brown County or to Nashville, IN.

6. Go Somewhere New

I love to travel and soon I will be traveling abroad for school. Yet, before that happens I want to travel somewhere here in the U.S. that I have yet to gone to before. I also want to take my hammock to that new place, so I can take pictures to add to my collection.

7. Try New Food Places

If you have yet to notice, I quite enjoy going to new food places. However, when I am at home I tend to stick to the same places. This summer I am making it a goal to get out of that habit and try new places. I live so close to Fishers, Geist, and Carmel that I should not be so dependent on the same food places. You would think that I would have tried more places by now, since I am so close to those little towns.