Top 6 Things Every College Student Does When Home for Break
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Student Life

Top 6 Things Every College Student Does When Home for Break

There's no place like home

Top 6 Things Every College Student Does When Home for Break

As I was sitting on the couch Wednesday studying and counting down the minutes until my last final when I would at last able to go home for winter break, I could feel the impatience not so slowly taking over. I started to think about all of the things that I couldn't wait to do when I got home, and I realized that there are so many things that college students took advantage of when we lived at home that are now things that we crave when away. Here are the first 6 things that almost every college student can't wait to do when going home for an extended break.

1. Ask their parents to make them food

Let's be honest, microwavable or pre-made food is basically the extent of the college student diet - especially culinary-illiterate ones like me. Coming home is the best simply for our favorite home-cooked meals that await us.

2. Take a nap

I can attest that the moment that I made it through the door I B-lined to my bed and slept for 5 hours straight. Finals week is mercifully over... we deserve it.

3. Shower without shoes

Because I live in my own apartment now, I no longer relate to this; however, I still have empathy for the poor freshmen and RA's who probably can't wait for their first barefoot shower in months.

4. Pet their dog

There is a serious deficiency of furry animals at college, and nothing compares to coming home to your pet after months of being apart. seriously, nothing.

5. See their friends

Reunited, and it feels so good.

6. Revel in having absolutely nothing to do

For the first time in months we can actually sit and watch Netflix, eat or just stare into oblivion without the guilt of not studying looming over us. Life is good.

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