I went to FreshCo this summer. You may be wondering- what in the world is FreshCo? It is actually an abbreviation for Freshman College Summer Experience (try saying that ten times fast). It is basically a way for college freshmen at UGA to get ahead of their courses by taking classes in the summer. I did Freshman College this summer, and it is almost over [insert sad face here]. I am glad that I had the chance to learn about Athens, meet new friends, and find my way around the University of Georgia’s gigantic campus. During the past month, I have learned so much about the college that I am excited to be going to for the next four years. These are the things I have learned during FreshCo:

1. What MLC means

There are a lot of code abbreviations at the University of Georgia. One abbreviation is MLC which is short for the Zell Miller Learning Center. Another is ELC, which is a dining hall, and O-House, which is a dorm. At first, I felt like everyone was speaking a different language because they were all saying abbreviations for things. Even FreshCo is an abbreviation for Freshman College Summer Experience. This month at UGA has helped me to learn the lingo of college students. Now I can say that I speak two languages- English and UGAish.

2. Getting involved in college activities is a great way to make new friends

The first few days at UGA I had a hard time meeting new friends. However, when I got involved on campus by doing college activities (like Movie Night -- woot woot) I was able to meet new people. Now I have made lots of friends. Almost every day I have met someone new. I just had to put myself out there to meet new people!

3. TA's make the test

Yeah, I did not know that the teacher assistant (TA) usually makes the tests in classes. I do not know why this is, but I bet it is really helpful for the professors. My professor for my American government class just lectures the whole time, and the TA writes the syllabus, makes the tests, and grades the tests. Needless to say, the TA is really busy.

4. College is not as easy as high school

For me, I could easily make an A in a class by just doing my homework and doing some light studying in high school. Now I have to read a lot of material and study like crazy to get a good grade. This doesn’t mean that making A’s in college is impossible, it just means that it is harder to get an A in college than in high school. For the college newbies, just work hard and study.

7. Trust in God

College is a big transition. You are leaving your hometown where your friends and family are, and you are moving to a new college campus with many unfamiliar faces. The first few days can be overwhelming because everything is new. I tend to worry a lot about everything. I worry about school, friends, tests, the future, etc. You name it, I probably worry about it. However, worrying just waste precious energy that could be used on- I don’t know… having fun or… living life?! Worrying too much could cause one to waste their whole life away. I read a quote one time that said “Why worry when you can pray?” I have found this to be true, and when I find myself worrying, I try to remember to pray. When I think about it, God really is in control of everything. He hung the stars and He created the earth. He made everyone on earth. He is the reason that humanity exists. I know that if I work hard in college, then God will help lead my college path in the right direction. I just have to trust him.