5 Reasons Why People ACTUALLY Get Tattoos
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5 Reasons Why People ACTUALLY Get Tattoos

Tattoos should never be looked down upon.

5 Reasons Why People ACTUALLY Get Tattoos
Kaitlynn Yeager

People easily frown upon those who have tattoos. Those who are tattooed are rumored to be scary, unemployable, dirty, and many other descriptors that aren't even true. Just because someone has a tattoo, it doesn't mean any of these things.

Although I'm a bit biased, here's some of the real reasons why people get tattoos with a few examples from my personal life.

1. Expression

There are so many ways in which a person can express themselves and a huge way that people do so is through tattoos and piercings. So many people get things tattooed solely because they feel it describes them better than they are able to themselves. It allows the ink to speak for itself. For example, shown above is a tattoo my brother got to match with me. His font is different, but he chose it because it's his form of expression, his style.

2. Significance

Others get tattoos that have meaning behind them. I believe all tattoos have some type of meaning, or significance, even if it's just, "I got this because it's cool." It could be deeper than that, too. Shown above is my version of the tattoo I got matching with my brother. They're in the same location, which for me, is significant enough, but these words are song lyrics. They allow me to kind of show off my taste in music, how music affects my life, and to wear it on my skin every single day. Constantly I am applying music to my life and finding ways to relate to it or make simple connections. This is one that probably means the most to me and I love being able to see it all the time, especially in its typewriter font.

3. In Memory

In my opinion, one of the most popular "kinds" of tattoos are the ones people get in memory of loved ones they have lost. It helps people remember those who they've loved and have a tribute to them on their skin. The meaningful words and/or symbols are a comforting way for people to keep those they lost with them every day. Two of my tattoos, my first two ever, are dedicated to my uncle who passed away when I was twelve. Semicolons are suicide, depression, and mental illness awareness and I'm honored to wear them on my skin.

4. Personal Reminders

Sometimes it's easy to forget ways to show yourself love or remind yourself that you're great or that everything will be okay. Lots of people get tattoos that simply say "It's All Okay" or key words that help them recognize ways to be positive. I have a tattoo of an eye with a quote, "Embrace Uncertainty," because it's easy to forget that the things you can't see you can't change. This helps me remember that even if I'm not in control, I should accept where life takes me. This is something I often struggle with, so the ability to have it tattooed in a visible place is immensely helpful for me.

5. Art

Here's where people get a tattoo just so they can say "I got this because it's cool" and that is valid enough. Tattoos are a form of art and expression. Even if the tattoo doesn't make sense to you or you don't find it as cool as the person who got it does, it doesn't matter. Tattoos don't need to have a life-altering meaning to be important. Here's two tattoos I got on Friday the 13th because I thought they were cool.

In sum, tattoos should be more accepted. Eliminating them from the workforce or judging those who have tattoos is not hearing their story or what could potentially be their values.

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