The Top 5 Places to Watch Magic Kingdom Fireworks at Walt Disney World

The Top 5 Places to Watch Magic Kingdom Fireworks at Walt Disney World


For most people, fireworks are generally only seen on New Year’s Eve and 4th of July. However at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World fireworks are an everyday affair. For many first timers, finding a spot for the nighttime spectacular is overwhelming.

After countless viewings of the different fireworks shows that shoot off behind Cinderella’s Castle, I have discovered the best places to watch.

  • Main Street USA: If you ask a Cast Member, there’s not a bad place to watch the fireworks on Main Street USA. This is partly true, while I wouldn’t dare say that’s a bad view (unless the tall guy in front of you decides to hoist his small child on his shoulders directly in front of you). My preferred location on Main Street is in the center of the street about half way from the entrance to the castle, in between the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor and Casey’s Corner. It’s perfect because it’s close enough to be able to all the remarkable projections on the castle, but far back enough that the castle doesn’t block any of the fireworks. This is especially true for the specialty fireworks for holidays that include perimeter fireworks.
  • Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Beach: The Polynesian Resort is in the Magic Kingdom Resort Area and sits directly across the Seven Seas Lagoon from Magic Kingdom. If you grab dinner at O’hana or a beverage at Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto and Tiki Bar you can check out the resort and watch the fireworks for the beach area. While you can’t see the projections on the castle, you get a full view of the fireworks and is usually a lot less crowded than Main Street.
  • Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC): The TTC is another great outside the park viewing location. You can a similar view as the Polynesian Beach from the ferry dock, but it is even less crowded than the Polynesian and they pump in the music! It’s also close to the trams and parking so you can beat the Stroller 500 race out of the park!
  • California Grill Observation Deck: If you dine the California Grill at Disney’s Contemporary Resort or have a beverage at their lounge it gives you access to their observation deck. Even if you enjoy earlier in the evening if you bring your receipt back to the check-in desk that will grant you access for the show. It is absolutely worth the price tag to view the fireworks from their deck. The view from the 15th floor can’t be beat! The lights are dimmed and the music is played for the show.
  • Top of the World Lounge at Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort: This last location is reserved only for Disney Vacation Club Members who are staying at a Disney resort and their guests. The view is similar to the California Grill Observation Deck. The lounge offers specialty cocktails and other beverages as well as a light appetizer menu. There is comfortable seating inside, as well as, an outdoor deck that allows you to see and hear the show! If you know any Members or are one yourself, make sure to check out this cool perk!

These are just a few of my favorite places to end the day and enjoy the Magic Kingdom’s amazing nighttime spectaculars. Remember, “All we have to do is look inside our hearts and unlock the magic within.”

Cover Image Credit: Living By Disney - Serena
Cover Image Credit: Disney Parks Blog

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Tempe City Council Makes An Effort To Hear The Public's Concerns

The rising number of homeless in Tempe is concerning for many residents and here's why.


Many concerned Tempe residents voiced that it is not the homeless people trying to get back on their feet that concern them. It is the rising group of homeless drug addicts causing havoc and endangering their neighborhoods does.

Randy Keating and Robin Arredondo-Savage, two members of the Tempe City Council, met with concerned residents on Tuesday at the Multigenerational Center to discuss the rise of homelessness in the area.

Tempe police chief Sylvia Moir assured the public that the police department is doing all it can to make sure their opinions are heard.

"We have to recognize that sleeping is a basic human right, even when it comes to our parks. If the shelters don't have space, the person still needs to sleep somewhere. With that being said, the homeless will have a curfew enforced and will be held accountable for their actions," Moir said.

Suzanne Orarke, a Tempe resident and mother voiced her opinion on why the rising number of drug addicted and mentally unstable homeless people concerns her.

"I have an 8-year-old son and he rides his bike to school every day. I don't want to be a helicopter parent, but at the same time, I also don't want to lose my child to something stupid," Orarke said.

Keating and Arredondo-Savage assured the public that the City Council works with the police department and the Homeless Outreach Prevention Effort team, also known as the HOPE team to find solutions to the homelessness in Tempe. The Councilmembers informed the audience that Tempe spends the most money of any Arizona city on human services.

The Councilmembers reminded the public that homelessness is not a crime and that they are doing their best to accommodate to the rising number of homeless people, which has gone up 60 percent in Maricopa County the last two years.

Another homeless related issue that many residents have noticed is the dangerous use of Lime scooters in their neighborhoods. Lime is a California-based company known for its easily accessible scooters.

The scooters, which run for 15 cents per minute, have increasingly made their way into the East Valley. The scooters have made it easier for the homeless to travel with little to no cost. Many residents believe this is attracting them to their neighborhoods.

When asked about scooter regulations, Keating said, "There is not much regulation for these scooters yet, but there is a working group striving to regulate those as we recognize this is an issue. We are looking over the list of recommendations next Thursday. As of right now, the only regulation is that the scooters cannot be on sidewalks."

The last major issue the public spoke on is the lack of helpful and respectful assistance from the police department and their non-emergency hotline. Many residents recalled their experiences when calling the non-emergency hotline and each resident had a negative outcome.

Steve Geiogamah, a concerned Tempe resident, relived his experience with the non-emergency hotline as he explained what took place a few nights ago.

"I've started to see a rise in drug activity among the homeless in Tempe. One night, I saw a transient in the neighborhood, who looked like they were up to no good. I called the non-emergency line and asked them to send an officer," Geiogamah said. "The next morning, I saw nothing had been done. I called dispatch again and they said that they could not send an officer even though I was concerned about the issue taking place."

Moir took responsibility for the hotlines wrongdoings and ended the meeting by saying, "If there are behaviors that you observe among the homeless, that rise to the level where you need a police officer, call the non-emergency number. Or, if it's immediate or a real serious issue, call 911. Describe the person and request an officer. The expectation is that we trace the call and that an officer responds."

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