Top 5 Overwatch Characters
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Top 5 Overwatch Characters

Everyone has their favorites!

Top 5 Overwatch Characters
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I have been playing at least one match of "Overwatch" almost every evening if I can. I don't remember the last time I've had this much fun at a shooter. Blizzard, you really did hit it out of the ball park with this one. I have enjoyed every second of this game, minor glitches and all! The more I play a character the more I grow to love them. Sometimes I decide to play a character that I assume I won't enjoy and I end up playing the next five matches with him/her, loving every second and adding them to my most played list. Here is a top five list of the characters I enjoy the most!

5. Mercy

"The doctor is in!"

I never really liked Mercy's play style. I never understood it. I'm usually someone who likes to be in the action, right up front shooting the opposing team. Standing behind everyone making sure they're all staying healed up and only pulling out a weapon when needed is weird to me. I've never been much of a healer. This is why I have usually played support like Zenyatta who also can do damage without switching to anything separate. However, I decided to give Mercy a chance. I ended up really liking her, going from a hero I never played to one of my most played healers.

4. Pharah

"I've got you on my radar."

I normally wouldn't place Pharah in my top list because she is not one of my most played, but I do really enjoy playing her! I don't exactly have her flight down, so I need to play her more often in order to get comfortable with that, but she is fun nonetheless. Her weapons are neat and her ult is quite amazing if used properly and and the right moment. This is another character that I enjoy, but need more practice at before she becomes one of my top played.

3. Junkrat

"If at first you don't succeed, blow it up again!"

Junkrat is my most played character. His play style is perfect in my opinion. If you're up against a pesky litte Torbjorn or three, it's nice to just launch some 'nades and watch them all dissapear. He's really helpful up against Torbjorn and Bastion in my opinion. However, I can never seem to get that awesome launch in the air trick using his mine. I'll keep working on that.

2. D.VA

"D.VA: 1, Bad guys: 0!"

This sassy little robot girl is one of the most fun characters to play. She has the cutest voice lines in the game and she is not afraid of anything! If you aim it just right you can destroy the entire opposing team with your ult, and it's really satisfying when you do! She is tons of fun to play. If you haven't tried her yet, you definitely should!

1. Mei


How can you not love this adorable face?! At first she was really frustrating because I couldn't seem to place her ice walls in the right spots and I had no idea that my left trigger shot ice bullets! The more I played her, the more she became my favorite character to play. I'm still learning how to best play Mei, but compared to day 1 I have made leaps and bounds in figuring out how to do the most damage and use her ice blocking abilities to my teams advantage. Trust me, there is a way to use that ice wall as a disadvantage to your team.

Keep playing and keep practicing and maybe even your least played character will become your favorite if you give them a chance! Who are your favorite Overwatch characters to play?

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