Top 5 Netflix Documentaries To Fight Summer Boredom
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Top 5 Netflix Documentaries To Fight Summer Boredom

Sit back, relax and inform yourself.

Top 5 Netflix Documentaries To Fight Summer Boredom

Summer has begun and we're most likely watching Netflix when there is just nothing else to do. So, if your looking for something new and you're tired of watching the same old same old, try watching a documentary. Netflix has a wide selection, but here are a few of my favorites that I think everyone needs to see. So sit back, learn something new, and inform yourself on a wide variety of issues going on in our world through these films.

1. Forks Over Knives

I watched Forks Over Knives after my freshman year health teacher recommended it to us during our nutrition unit AND IT IS A MUST SEE. Have you ever wondered what causes heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and a wide range of other diseases that are affecting our society? This film answers it with in depth information, scientific research, and interesting content. Watch it. Spoiler: We can be healthy and cure many of the diseases affecting our society through our DIET.

2. Cowspiracy

If everyone saw this documentary our world would be a much different place. It's about the main causes of climate change and it is probably not what you think it is...

The documentary follows filmmaker Kip, after he learns an astonishing statistic from the United Nations about animal agriculture. He goes to many different government organizations to find out what they are doing about it (not much). His journey is incredibly thought-provoking. Our diet has a huge affect on climate change and a few minor changes could help save our planet.

3. Miss Representation

Wow. This documentary looks at the way the media portrays women and the affect it is having on our culture. Every man and woman should see this in order to realize the affect the media has on our society. During this film, I was appalled over how much the media objectifies and affects us. It's a film that will keep your attention every second and make you more aware of the issues in our media.

4. Blackfish

One film that most people have probably already seen, but it's just so good not to include on this list. Blackfish made me more conscious of the issues of animal captivity, especially orcas. Please watch this documentary, inform yourself of the impacts of keeping orcas captive and just listen. This documentary is honestly so interesting that I have probably watched it six or seven times.

5. The Secret

So not everyone is going to like this documentary, especially because it starts off a little strange, but if you give it a try and listen thoroughly you will get so much out of this documentary. It is about the power of positivity. And positivity has a lot of power. The documentary is mainly about how our thoughts become things. We manifest what we want in life through our thoughts, actions and attitude. This film has had a huge affect on my life and made me become a happier, more positive person because I now know I can (and you can too) achieve anything I want if I take action and have the right attitude.

So go ahead sit down, grab some snacks and be ready to have your mind blown by these eye-opening documentaries.

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