5 Horror Comics You Need To Read Right Now
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5 Horror Comics You Need To Read Right Now

Here are some horror comic books that you need to check out

5 Horror Comics You Need To Read Right Now
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With the current season of "The Walking Dead," the show's writers have exploited every knowable anxiety and fear of the audience that their favorite character may die. In all honesty, the writers have done so many shocking moments to stir up the audience, that it no longer affects me anymore. Besides as a television show, "The Walking Dead" has been known as one of the most successful self-published horror comic books on the market. As a result, it allowed many new self-published series to exist on the market for a wide variety of audiences. Here are some of my recommendations to check out.

1. "Moonshine"

I have been a big fan of Brian Azzarello's and Eduardo Risso's work since "100 Bullets." Even though they have published one issue, they have me hooked with this great mix Appalachian mysticism and 1920s prohibition. The series follows a New York mobster who is sent to West Virginia to form a partnership with a moonshiner. However, the gangster gets more than he bargained for and is out of his element. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys films like "Lawless" and "An American Werewolf in London."

2. "Locke and Key"

It should be no surprise that Joe Hill, the son of Stephen King, would understand the horror genre better than anyone else. He and artist Gabriel Rodriguez craft a tale that would appeal to any Lovecraftian fan. The three Locke children, who survive a horrible tragedy during vacation, move to the family home in Maine with their uncle and grieving mother. The house holds dark secrets and promises power to those holding the keys, which unlock different abilities. All six volumes of the series are available via graphic novel.

3. "Wytches"

Scott Snyder, mostly known for the relaunch of "Batman" and the Vertigo series "American Vampire" proves that he is one of the masters of modern horror with "Wytches." Jock's art for the series is some of his best. Children book author Charlie Rook, with his wife Lucy and daughter Sailor, moving to a neighboring town following the suspicious death of his daughter's classmate. Sailor is soon "pledged" by the town and is hunted by witches: primal, inhuman, and cannibalistic creatures who hide in the woods for victims. It is up to Charlie to save his daughter from these beings and discover the horrifying truth of the town. If urban legends and films like "It Follows" or "The Babadook" with themes of parental fear and not knowing where the monster lurks appeal to you, the first arc is available for purchase.

4. "Nailbiter"

This series is quite the departure from Joshua William's previous paranormal heist series "Ghosted." What if one town in Oregon was home to some of the worst serial killers in history. That is what NSA agent Nicholas Finch and Sheriff Crane try to find out. However, they must work with Edward Charles Warren, the "Nailbiter" to solve the cause of the madness. Mike Henderson is owning it with the art as well. If you are upset with "Hannibal" being canceled, or "Silence of the Lambs" is one of your favorite films, pick up volume one.

5. "Outcast"

Despite writing for the successful comic book, "The Walking Dead," Robert Kirkman brings his talent for a different type of horror along with artist Paul Azaceta. Kyle Barnes has experienced demon possession around him ever since he was a child. As a result, he does not allow anyone to get close to him and lives in isolation. But, he must team up with a small-town preacher to fight an increasing rise of demon possession in their town since he is Outcast. This series plays with the tropes of exorcism and flips it on its head. Buy an issue if "The Exorcist" is a top pick of your favorite horror films.

Here are only a handful of recommendations for horror comic books. If you have a suggestion, please leave it in the comments below.

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