I love cruising if you couldn't tell. Cruising has taken me to Europe, most of the Caribbean, and the Mexican Riviera. That being said, I've stopped at a lot of ports of calls and have gone on many excursions. For entertainment's sake, I have narrowed it down to my top 5 best excursions I have ever been on.

1. Cave Tubing

In Belize, they have these amazing caves that they do tours through. Basically, you float through caves, all tied together with your group and have headlamps on and a tour guide. It is relaxing, yet adventurous and something that not many people do on a regular basis. The best part is that when the water gets really shallow, your butt would drag so the guides would scream, "Bottoms up!" My family and I love this experience so much so that we have done it 3 to 4 times.

2. Chartering a Sailboat

We have been to St. Thomas many, many times, and while many people love it there, it was just another place to me. However, one year, as a Christmas present for all of us, we chartered a sailboat. This was a once in a lifetime, catered to our experience. We got on a boat with the owner and her daughter. They provided us with an incredible meal and took us snorkeling. During our snorkeling piece, we saw everything from fish to turtles to nurse sharks! The whole day really felt special to us as a family.

3. Zip-lining

Skyler Anderson

Now, you can zip-line in many places but zip-lining in the Puerta Vallarta is something else. This was a really exhilarating excursion, swinging from the treetops basically. Not going to lie, the climb to the top of the first tower was tough but it was definitely worth it.

4. Touring the Amalfi Coast

Skyler Anderson

For my first time in Europe, we took a cruise out of Barcelona and then our first stop was Naples, Italy. In Naples, we took a roundtrip tour of the towns on the coast. This was amazing to see all the little shops, how people live there, and the beautiful scenery. The mountains and crystal clear water are unlike anything else. On top of that, we got to eat at a restaurant on the edge of a mountain with food better than anything I have ever tasted.

5. Catamaran in Roatan

Skyler Anderson

While I like every catamaran I go on, the one in Roatan is far superior to the others. Personalized service, snorkeling, and again, amazing food, this day is sure to be a good one. During this trip, you are always being fed homemade food and yummy drinks. You also get to go snorkeling with a guide and jump off the boat. The crew's attention to detail really makes this a great time.