Top 5 Best Security Software For Windows 10
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Top 5 Best Security Software For Windows 10

Everyone likes security for their working windows PC. Strong protection against malware or cyber threats one should need the best antivirus for windows 10.

Top 5 Best Security  Software For Windows 10

Now the question comes, Are you doing enough to protect your system from harmful virus attacks and other cyber threats. Cybercriminals may harm your pc and steal your important information. Although window has its strong window defender it is still vulnerable to steal your necessary data. If you are really serious about your online privacy then today we are discussing the best option for security. Most of the windows users are known to them. Today we are giving a little bit extra important information so that you can choose one of them if you are still lacking in security.

In the further read, we mention the top 5 well-tested antivirus software for windows 10 that are highly recommended. Most of the well-known companies will give disappointment for the level of protection against harmful threats.

Overview: Best Security Software For Windows 10

If you are in hurry, give a quick glance at the best antivirus software for windows 10.

#1 Kaspersky Total Security - Best Internet Security Software 2021

Award-Winning Company, Keeps You Safe At All Times

Highlights: Kaspersky Total Security Does Antivirus And Ant-Ransomware With Web Security, Manage Password, VPN Protection With Bundles Of More Advanced Features.

Manage Devices: Protect Upto 5 Devices | Cost: Starts at $3.25/month

#2 Norton Antivirus: Free Antivirus Download For Windows 10

Resist All Viruses For Device Or Gives You Your Money Back

Highlights: Norton Antivirus Plus Offers Real-Time Protection Against Online Threats, Password Manager, Firewall For PC, 2GB PC Cloud Backup.

Manage Devices: Support 1 Device | Cost: $1.58/month

#3 Bitdefender: Best Malware Detection For Windows 10

Guaranteed Security And Dozens Of Features

Highlights: Bitdefender Total Security Provides Device Optimizer, Privacy Firewall, Parental Control, Protection Against Malware, Spyware, Adware, Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection.

Manage Devices: Upto 5 Devices | Cost: Starts at $4.16/month

#4 McAfee Total Protection: Best Antivirus for Multiple Windows Computers

Excellent Malware Protection With Bundles Of Advanced Features

Highlights: McAfee total protection provides you secure VPN, encrypted storage, identity theft protection essentials, online support with security experts.

Managed Devices: Upto 5 Devices | Cost: Starts at $2.08/month

#5 Bullguard: Best Antivirus Software For Gamers

Great Anti-malware Engine provided, with Internet Security Protection

Highlight: Anti-Malware, Dynamic Machine Learning, Game Booster, Parental Control, PC TuneUp, Firewall, ultimate identity protection, free automatic updates, and so on.

Manager Devices: Upto 10 Devices | Cost: Starts at $4.16/month

Best Internet Security Software 2021

Kaspersky Total Security

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

Kaspersky offers a reliable malware scanner for Windows 10, along with bundles of additional features. It is an award-winning well-reputed antivirus company satisfying

Key Features Of Kaspersky Total Security

  • Multi-Device Protection
  • Smart And Secure VPN
  • Privacy Protection For Free
  • Safe Online Payment
  • Backup Encryption for Files/Folders
  • Premium Password Management

Kaspersky Total Security is a security software at the highest level that comes with easy-to-use and navigates features. Kaspersky is one of the best choices if you're looking for a simple, advanced antivirus for your Windows PC, and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee free of commitment. Kaspersky comes in various versions. If you want internet security, Kaspersky Internet security is the best in features. If you have no budget constraints then you should consider Kaspersky total security compromises advance features when you compare Kaspersky Total security vs Internet security. Check a few features that make it more successful.

Kaspersky Total Security Strengths

  • Easy To Use Interface
  • Extensive Parental Control
  • Advance Backup System
  • Excellent Ransomware Protection
  • Good For Beginners

Kaspersky Total Security Shortcomings

  • Little bit expensive
  • Online Backup lacks sometimes

Free Antivirus Download For Windows 10

Noton Antivirus Plus

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

Norton Antivirus Plus offers core malware security and provides a novel touch in the form of the Norton Insight tool. It tests the credibility of any given file on your server and can help to recognize more obscure threats.

Key Features of Norton Antivirus Plus

  • Real-Time Threat Protection For Your System
  • Manage All Passwords
  • Advanced Firewall
  • 2 Gb Cloud Backup
  • Anti-Spyware, Anti Malware, And Also With Ransomware Protection

These robust defenses are provided by Norton Antivirus Plus at an extremely good price to your device resources. Indeed, when it comes to the effect on the efficiency of the host PC, PassMark recently rated Norton as the best antivirus software for your windows 10. Norton Antivirus Plus is a very basic antivirus program for beginners who wants to protect their Windows 10 PC and not any other device. The company also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services.

Norton Antivirus Plus Strengths

  • Easily Installed And Automatic Updates
  • Strong Firewall, password protection
  • Protection against ransomware using data protector

Norton Antivirus Plus Shortcomings

  • Only Available For Single Devices
  • Slow In Scanning Malware

Best Malware Detection For Windows 10

Bitdefender Total Security

Compatibility: Windows 10, macOS, plus Android, iOS.

Bitdefender Total Security antivirus comes with a strong cloud-based anti-malware engine that does not slow down your system or windows 10. It provides three layers of malware protection that help in protecting your windows device i.e. Advanced threat defense, Save Files, and ransomware remediation.

Key Features Of Bitdefender Total Security

  • Excellent Data Protection
  • Multi-layer protection against ransomware
  • Allows secure browsing
  • Can work on Games, movie, or work mode

Bitdefender caught more phishing sites than most rivals, without a noticeable speed drop, the VPN eliminated geo-restrictions, and parental controls made it easy for users to filter unsafe content and receive warnings when their kids left a predefined safe spot.

Bitdefender Total Security Strengths

  • Award-Winning Antivirus Software
  • Protect Multiple Devices
  • Excellent VPN And Ransomware Protection

Bitdefender Total Security Shortcomings

  • Limited Support for iOS devices

Best Antivirus for Multiple Windows Computers

McAfee Total Protection

Compatibility: Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, macOS X 10.12, Android 4.1 or higher, and iOS 10.

McAfee Total Protection is one of the excellent malware scanner programs available in the market for windows 10. The company offers bundles of advanced internet security features.

Key Features of McAfee Total Protection

  • Tools for web protection such as public Wi-Fi scanning, smart Firewall.
  • Reduce Battery drainage
  • Provide System Turn-up
  • Excellent secure VPN

McAfee, along with a wide range of additional bundles of security features, provides excellent malware protection. McAfee's network security, such as anti-phishing, Wi-Fi scanning, and the secure VPN, really amazed the users. McAfee also provides valuable extras add-ons such as device tuning software, a file shredder, and identity theft protection (US users only), one of the most affordable 2-year plans of any antivirus. McAfee Total Security also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to their use if not satisfied with their subscription.

McAfee Total Protection Strengths

  • Best For Multiple Devices
  • No Limits For VPN
  • Good Parental Control
  • Strong File Encryption
  • Theft Monitoring

McAfee Total Protection Shortcomings

  • Limited Parental Control
  • Slightly Slowdowns The System

Best Antivirus Software For Gamers

Bullguard Antivirus

Compatibility: Windows. Android, Mac

BullGuard Antivirus Software offers an excellent anti-malware engine with some decent extras and a unique game booster that helps in optimizing PC performance during gaming.

Key Features Of Bullguard Antivirus

  • Strong Built-In Firewall
  • Secure Browsing Features
  • Scan Emails
  • Excellent Malware And Viruses Protection
  • Spam Filters And Antiphishing
  • Cloud Integrated Backup
  • Game Booster

Bullguard Antivirus Strengths

  • Triple Layer Malware Protection
  • 100% Protection For Windows 10 Devices
  • Offer Advanced Quality Design
  • Keep PC Or System Works Fast

Bullguard Antivirus Shortcomings

  • Not available for iOS devices
  • Provide limited protections for Mac devices

Things to Check before selecting an antivirus for your windows 10

Before selecting an antivirus you should analyze which antivirus is more effective and cover more protection. Till now, All the necessary information for all 5 antiviruses has been described. All the antivirus explain above are great in the protection you should also take care which one is light on system resources. Check complete information about the minimum configuration required for a system. Antivirus with a lesser effect on system resources is best for you. Next thing you should check out for the Cost and discount available on the antivirus software. IF you are thinking to own a Kaspersky antivirus then you should check Kaspersky coupon codes for the best prices.

Privacy and protection is the prime concern for any antivirus software. So the software should look at what is going around your important data and protect it. So check out privacy policies about the software you choose for yourself.

Final Words

These are the top-rated antivirus software available in the market tested by the users to protect their windows 10. We highly recommend going for Kaspersky's total security, as it is an award-winning antivirus service provider and satisfies a huge number of users by giving protection against viruses or harmful malware. Rest other antivirus software are also good for their special features and services.

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