Top 15 Cold Opens From "The Office"
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Top 15 Cold Opens From "The Office"

Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica.

Top 15 Cold Opens From "The Office"

If you're an avid fan of"the Office" like me, the you're familiar with the hilarious opening scenes before the credits.

Let's countdown the 15 best cold opens:

15. Hiya Buddy in "The Deposition" (Season 4)

Michael asks Pam to give him notes during meetings so it seems like he has important clients (like Buddy, the hotdog).

Watch the video here!

14. Michael stares at Ryan in "The Carpet" (Season 2)

Michael's infatuation with Ryan is still one of the funniest things. Remember Ryan's "Hottest in the Office" Dundie? Or Michael's diary entry about Ryan, who is "just as hot as Jan, but in a different way"? Endless awkward entertainment.

13. Michael's Casual Friday jeans in "The Client" (Season 2)

It takes a special kind of man to dry clean his jeans and that man is Michael Scott.

12. Creed eating ramen in "Niagara" (Season 6)

Let's just appreciate the fact that Creed is eating ramen during this scene.

Fun facts: Creed Bratton has his own website, which includes info about his upcoming music tours. There is also a Creed Thoughts Twitter account.

11. The DVD Logo in "Launch Party" (Season 4)

Watching the DVD logo hit the corner of the screen is such a satisfying experience.

Watch the video here!

10. Dwight's Fitness Orb in "Performance Review" (Season 2)

The Dwight and Jim dynamic never gets old.

9. Pavlov Prank in "Phyllis' Wedding" (Season 3)

I've always wanted to try this prank on someone.

8. Michael makes a video for his future son in "Ben Franklin" (Season 3)

Michael: To jump start a car, first pop the hood. Then you take these bad boys and clip them anywhere on the engine. Then you take these and clip them wherever.

Maybe don't take Michael's advice of how to jump-start a car...

7. Michael puts his face in wet cement in "Did I Stutter" (Season 4)

The term "face hole" always makes me crack up. Watch the opening of this episode on Netflix to experience the full hilarity of the moment.

6. Asian Jim in "Andy's Ancestry" (Season 9)

Dwight: I don't know who you are, but you are not Jim. This is Jim!
[Dwight shows Asian Jim the Halpert family portrait, but notices that Jim and the kids have been replaced with Asian Jim and Half-Asian kids]

Jim is so dedicated to his pranks, even including Half-Asian children in their family portrait.

5. Faxes to "Future Dwight" in "Branch Closing" (Season 3)

Even while away from the Scranton branch, Jim's prank game is strong.

4. Vending Machine Prank in "Booze Cruise" (Season 2)

Making Dwight use nickels to get his stuff back was a nice touch.

Watch the video here!

3. Dwight's gift-wrapped desk in "Moroccan Christmas" (Season 5)

I wonder how long it actually took Jim to wrap Dwight's desk.

2. Harvey, the computer in "Traveling Salesman" (Season 3)

Gotta love typo humor mixed with failed sexual humor.

1. Jim Impersonates Dwight in "Product Recall" (Season 3)

This prank only cost $11, but not all of Jim's pranks were cheap. If you were curious, here is a Buzzfeed article about someone on Reddit who calculated how much money Jim spent on all of his pranks. $5,590.95!

As an extra, here's a hilarious Office blooper:

How you know you're a true Office fan: when you quote lines from the bloopers.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to include all of the great cold opens, so here is a list of every single cold open from The Office. Feel free to comment with your favorite hilarious/awkward Office moments!

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