13 Food Combinations To Improve Your Dining Hall Experience

Top 13 Food Combinations To Improve Your Dining Hall Experience

Next time you get tired of the same old dining hall food, read this article and I'' show you how you can literally mix it up for once.


Let's face it, as much as we love Spit the food can get boring after a while. I know some people who will eat literally the same exact thing every day. Can you imagine?! I personally am one of the least picky eaters on this planet, so I never have a problem, but I've decided to use my palate to taste test some unique food combinations that can shake up your daily routine in the dining hall. Make sure you read them all because I promise there is something here for everyone!

1. The burrito burger

Something not a lot of people take advantage of is toppings intended for nachos and things like that, and almost nobody thinks to use them on their everyday meals. I found out that if you make your own burger with salsa, cheese, and sour cream, it really changes the game all together.

2. Adding salad dressing to plain vegetable entrees

Sometimes there will just be roasted or steamed vegetables for lunch or dinner and that's great. I love eating healthy. But to spice things up, you can put some Italian or ranch from the salad bar to add some flavor if you really can't handle plain vegetables.

3. Cheesy Chips

Now this one takes dedication. You just buy a bag of your favorite chips, put some cheese from the all day breakfast or... taco or... nacho bar? whatever it is, but the shredded cheese in a cup, but the chips on a plate in your dorm room, put the cheese on the chips, microwave that room temperature. This recipe is cutesy of Rachael Le (https://www.theodysseyonline.com/user/@rachaelle)

4. Creamsicle drink

You ever had a Creamsicle? Well if you just mix milk, orange juice, and ice, you got a make shift melted Creamsicle! Yummmm.

5. Cereal 2.0

Ever get tired of boring old cereal? Try switching it up by using Powerade instead of milk, or Niquill... in the morning... when you're perfectly healthy . Really, any liquid and any grain in a bowl is cereal, so if you want to put rice and vanilla-orange Coke in a bowl, that could be your new hit cereal!

6. Fruit and ketchup

Don't knock it til you try it! The sweet and sour really compliment each other nicely, I give it a 10/10

7. Stir fry, but raw

Next time your order your stir fry, ask for it extra fresh and they will give you a bowl of uncooked rice with veggies and sauce. It is a really unique way to change up your daily stir fry order and still get that great nutrients!

8.  The Behemoth

This concoction is not for the picky eaters among us. If you like dessert, this is your kinda dish. First you take chocolate pudding, stir it up in a cup with half and half, m&m's, Oreo Crumbs, Marshmallows, mayonnaise, and a can of tomato juice. I know, it sounds gross, but trust me, it is scrumdiddlyumptious! You can thank me later.

9. A waffle, but cook it for 17 extra cycles, and let it sit for 8 days under your bed. Serve with heated syrup.

Now that's fine dining!!!

10. Gam Gam's hot banana water (Revised Recipe)

To make this homemade classic in the Spit, take a banana, peel it, throw away the fruit, put the peel in a mug with hot water, and let it steep for 3 hours. Then, enjoy!

11. Spicy hot dog

Make a plain hot dog, empty out your backpack, take all the weird crumbs from the bottom, and sprinkle it on the wiener. Bon Appetit.

12. Every liquid mixed

I'm talking juice, milk, hot water, salad dressing, hand sanitizer. Run the whole gauntlet and you've got yourself a sweet treat.

13. Lick the bottom of the legs of every chair, table, and person within eyesight

Trust me on this one

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An Official Review Of All 21 Of The Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces And Yes, Spicy Garlic Is The Best Of All Time

Have you tried them all?


As a waitress at Buffalo Wild Wings, one could say that I have a lot of experience will all of the different sauces. To be specific, there are 16 sauces and 5 dry seasonings. During training, employees have a chance to taste all of them. I am asked all of the time while working which sauces are the best or what certain sauces taste like, so after talking about them so much at work, I decided to write a review article. I've rated them from my least favorite to my ultimate go-to favorite sauce.

21. Teriyaki

I'm biased because this is one of the least spicy sauces, and I definitely prefer spicy wings. When tasting this sauce I was expecting it to taste like a teriyaki stick from a Chinese Restaurant, and while it sort of did, it also had a different sort of flavor to it that I didn't really like as a flavor for chicken wings.

20. Lemon Pepper

I'm also biased for this one because it is a dry seasoning and I prefer sauces. The taste of the seasoning isn't bad, I just feel like it would taste better on something like a chip.

19. Asian Zing

This sauce is really popular at B-dubs. Someone at almost all of my tables will order it, however, it just isn't one of my favorites.

18. Mango Habanero

This is one of the spiciest sauces. Even though I love spicy, I prefer some of the other sauces over this one.

17. Salt and Vinegar

This is another one of the dry seasonings. It is really good, but again, I think it would be better for a chip.

16. Thai Curry

This sauce taste like chili. It's not bad, just not one of my favorites for wings. It is really good on fries though!

15. Caribbean Jerk

This sauce is also really good on fries, but not a favorite of mine for chicken.

14. Dessert Heat

This dry seasoning is yummy, but very spicy.

13. Wild

This is the second spiciest sauce on the menu. I do like spicy sauces, but this one is just way to spicy to eat too much of it.

12. Buffalo

This is a good option if you are looking for a dry seasoning that is spicy. It is really good, but lower on my list because it is a dry seasoning, and I definitely prefer the texture of the sauces.

11. Parmesan Garlic

This is another one of the most commonly ordered flavors at B-dubs. While it is tasty, it is also one of the flavors that I feel tastes better on fries than on wings.

10. Honey BBQ

I love almost any bbq sauce and the B-dubs sweet bbq is no exception.

9. Mild

This is a great sauce when you're feeling spicy, but don't want something too harsh.

8. Blazin'

The first time I ever tried this sauce was on a dare. It is definitely the spiciest thing I have ever tasted, and it made my eyes water the first time I tried it. However, once you get passed the intense burning, the flavor is actually pretty good. This sauce is in my top ten becauselcrf5 how many people can say they've tried the hottest sauce on the menu?

7. Hot

This sauce is a perfect amount of spicy for those days that you really want to feel the burn. Goes perfect with a side of ranch.

6. Sweet BBQ

Once again, I love bbq sauce.

5. Chipotle BBQ

Even though I am not a huge fan of the dry seasonings, this one is amazing.

4. Hot BBQ

I love BBQ and I love spicy, and this sauce is the perfect combination of both!

3. Bourbon Honey Mustard

I am not usually a fan of honey mustard, but the B-dubs version is amazing. Definitely one of my go to sauces.

2. Medium

This sauce is the perfect spicy sauce for wings because it is hot, but doesn't require you to down three glasses of water after every bite. It also tastes great in the mac and cheese!

1. Spicy Garlic 

This is my all time favorite sauce. If I'm getting wings, I am getting this sauce on at least half of them.

What's your favorite sauce?

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Thank You, Meal Ticket, For Pulling Me And My Family Through

Feed your belly!


Dear, Meal Ticket

I thank you for feeding me school breakfast and lunch. I thank you for feeding all the children in the neighborhood. You were one the thing all of us kids from the hood remembered. Mama told us not to forget our meal ticket. No bagged lunches around here, no money for breakfast. Just the bus stop down the corner to get us to school early so we could fill our tummies while we bent over desks scribbling want-to-be cursive on the wide ruled paper.

Thank you, meal ticket, for making it easier for our families. You took two out of the three meals off our parents' plates five days a week. How could we repay you? I could make you some spam and white rice for dinner. That dinner might not be as good as you, meal ticket, but it will fill your belly. It sounds foolish I know, but there is no way I could reimburse you. So I will sit here and praise you in gratitude for saving me and my brothers and sisters from poverty. For teaching us about the service you do for us, meal ticket.

Look at where you got me, meal ticket. I am here writing to thank you for feeding me enough so that I could sit here before you today. We were hopeless, our brains stuck in the mud, not knowing what move we had to make next to fill our tables, but you saved us. You made us excited to go to school, knowing we would be fed a plate full of food and education to get us out of the hood. So that one day we could be just as great as you are and feed the whole neighborhood with integrity.

I want to remind all of you to hold on to your meal ticket even when you find the knowledge to be your own meal ticket one day. Never forget where you came from. This meal ticket saved not only you but so many others. So turn in your meal ticket with pride. And kiss your loved ones for teaching you about the service.

Thank you, meal ticket, for pulling me out of the mud with a full belly.

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