Top 12 Mario Kart Courses

A Definitive Ranking Of The Top 12 Mario Kart Courses

Mario Kart is not only one of the first video games I've ever played, but it's also one of my favorites to this day.


Most of these come from the Wii and/or DS games, so keep that in mind. Although I have played almost every single version of the game, I am most familiar with MarioKart Wii and MarioKart DS.

12. Waluigi Pinball

I love real pinball, and it's even more enjoyable in the form of a race. This course is action-packed and so much fun!

11. Delfino Square

More casual than Waluigi Pinball, I love the graphics of Delfino Square, especially the rainbow bridge.

10. DK Mountain

This complex course takes place in the middle of a jungle. I wouldn't recommend it for beginners, but you can really love it once you master it!

9. Frappe Snowland

This is a classic MarioKart raceway. It first appeared in MarioKart 64 for the Nintendo 64. Be careful not to slip and slide on the ice or end up in a snowdrift.

8. Donut Plains 2

A simple classic that resembles the average "World 1" in the Super Mario Games. Save for a couple of difficult turns and a lake in the middle of the course. This is an easy and relaxing race track.

7. Mushroom Gorge

Bouncing on the mushrooms is half the fun of this course, but be careful not to fall off! This game first appeared in the Wii version of the game, and it still delights me to do tricks and flips in the air as my player character jumps on the green and red 'shrooms.

6. Coconut Mall

This course takes place indoors but still has an overall tropical/beach setting. Be careful to go on the right elevator, and don't get hit by the Miis driving cars outside of the shopping center. Besides that, have fun because this is a very adorable race course.

5. Bowser's Castle 1

There have been so many Bowser's Castles in almost every single Mario Kart game. After all, what's Mario without Bower's Castle? I'm going to have to choose a classic Bowser's Castle as my favorite here. This particular version was first found in the SNES version of MarioKart. Much like the castles in the Super Mario games, you have to be careful to avoid the not-so-friendly enemies and the lava.

4. Maple Treeway

The cannon is the best part of this raceway, no question asked. The fall graphics are very stellar; there's something amazing about driving through trees and piles of maple leaves.

3. Wario's Gold Mine

Having an almost roller-coaster vibe, this intermediate course is another great staple of Mario Kart Wii. Watch out for the bats and don't fall off the track. Most portions of the road have no guardrail to prevent you from falling over the side.

2. Koopa Cape

If Wario's Gold Mine reminds me of a rollercoaster, Koopa Cape reminds me of a waterpark ride. If the name doesn't give it away, Koopa Cape is set on an island. You get to drive underwater at one point, and for the rest of the course, you're driving either directly through a river or on a path right above it.

1. Rainbow Road

A super fun yet super frustrating course. When people think of MarioKart, Rainbow Road is typically one of the first raceways that come to mind. Think about all of the times you've played the game, only to fall off the edge and go tumbling towards the earth! The only thing better than a pixelated Rainbow Road would be a real rainbow road rollercoaster (try saying that really fast) at a theme park!

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50 Really Fun (And Really F*cked) Things To Do In 'The Sims'

Turns out, you can do more than just light them on fire.

I searched for the greatest Sim activities all over the Internet, and I really wasn't prepared for what I found. There are thousands and thousands of suggestions all over the web, but I've compiled a list of the best 50 things to do in the Sims right here. You're welcome!

Happy Simming!!

1. Create your worst enemy. Then, kill them.

2. Create one child in a family that is the 'black sheep' - with a totally different style and traits than the rest of the family.

3. Create a photography studio, with models, lighting, the works. If it gets weird, good. Maybe try casting a Bad Karma Power like Fire Storm, Cry Havoc, or Meteor Strike. Then take pics.

4. Kill all your neighbors. (Bonus: Throw a spooky party and invite all of their ghosts.)

5. Grow an entire garden of Venus Fly Traps (Cowplants). They eat people.

6. Summon a Fire Storm or Meteor Strike in the middle of the park or another crowded public area.

7. Make Sim versions of your favorite cartoon characters. Then make Spongebob and Patrick have a baby.

8. For my Sim architects - open Google maps and use the little orange guy to stroll through a neighborhood. Pick a house and try your best to duplicate it, landscaping and all.

9. Play a homeless Sim who lives in a tent or some kind of shack. You have to survive off of the land, eating what you catch... or steal.

10. Play as a male Sim and try to impregnate every female Sim in town.

11. Play as a female Sim and try to have a baby with every male Sim in town.

12. Play a Black Widow Sim, and have all of her husbands (and/or wives) die from 'mysterious causes'.

13. WooHoo with a dead Sim and have a ghost baby!

14. Earn a living JUST by stealing other people's shit. (Having the Kleptomaniac trait is very helpful.)

15. Build a tiny house!

16. Build houses, neighborhoods, or entire towns based of off THEMES! Like aliens, unicorns, elves, neon, all-black, literally anything you can think of.

17. Make celebrity Sims. Then either date them or kill them.

18. Make Sims from your favorite movies, books, TV shows, or games. Again, either date them or kill them.

19. Don't pay any of your bills. Do with the Re-Po man what you will.

20. Seduce the Grim Reaper.

21. Seduce a maid.

22. Seduce a mailman.

23. Seduce your neighbor's husband or wife.

24. Play a Young Adult Sim and have them move into a cheap house. Instead of buying a better house and moving out, renovate it and have it grow with them as they get older.

25. Create an adoption center, or foster home, with the maximum amount of children possible. (With mods or cheats, this could be infinite.)

26. Play a 'public enemy' Sim - a Hot-Headed, Mean Sim that makes enemies with literally everybody in the town.

27. Attempt to kill an entire family using every way to die in the game. There are so many options for this. Especially in the Sims 4... you can literally die by laughing or being embarrassed.

28. Play the Random Game. Pick a number 1-10. In CAS, hit the "Randomize" button this amount of times... FOR EVERYTHING. Outfit, makeup, accessories, skin/hair/eye color, personality traits, aspirations. All random.

29. Play with full Autonomy and never press Pause. This could get chaotic quickly.

30. Woohoo in a random neighbor's bed, then fight them when they get mad and try to kick you out.

31. Play a couple with completely clashing traits (Mean vs. Good, Neat vs. Slob, etc.)

32. Invite everybody you know to a party. Lure them all to the basement (or any other room). Take out the door. Place a Venus Fly Trap (Cowplant) in the room. Begin.

33. Recreate your entire hometown including all of the lots and people who live on them (or neighborhood, for a smaller scale project).

34. Complete the 100 Baby Challenge. I don't even know what the 100 Baby Challenge is, but I'm sure whatever you decide to make it, it will be entertaining.

35. Build an entire Goth town. All black everything and a bunch of Neurotic, Over-Emotional Sims. Then, create one all-pink Barbie household with a bunch of Snob Sims. Wreak havoc.

36. Courtesy of Tumblr: "So what you do is you make like a little demon/ogre and make him live in the basement with just the basics (toilet, bed, fridge) and give him an easel. Make him paint all day long and he will eventually get really good and you can sell his paintings. Your sims living above will eventually become wealthy but nobody will ever know about the secret to their fortune living beneath their house."

37. Get abducted by aliens. Try to get pregnant by one.

38. Play the MASH Game (You know. Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House?) and apply it to your Sim's life.

39. Create a Good Sim who's secretly evil and has a dungeon in his/her basement.

40. Recreate all of the Disney princesses. And all of the Villains. Make them live together.

41. Run, and operate, a toilet store.

42. Make a home-wrecker Sim, and break up as many marriages as you can.

43. Get a Sim to clog every drain of a house. Preferably one that isn't theirs.

44. When a Sim dies, play as their ghost, and light a bunch of shit on fire or possess objects. Preferably at other Sims' lots or in public for the best reactions.

45. Play as a hobo that lives off of his/her findings from the trash.

46. Have identical twins (triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, sextuplets..) and give them all the same names and wardrobes, but completely different traits.

47. Make a Santa, a Mrs. Claus, an elf, and a reindeer, and make Christmas for the town! Craft or buy presents, then go to every house and deliver.

48. Make an asylum with a bunch of Sims that have the Insane/Neurotic traits.

49. Play The Bachelor (Or Bachelorette) - Sims Edition! For example, create one male Sim and 7 female Sims (preferably all with the Have the male Sim date all of the females at once, and have them all fight for his affection.

50. Host a dinner party but wet yourself in front of all your guests, causing you to die of Embarassment and shocking your guests as Grim comes to make fun of you and reap your soul.

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College Parties Are Fun But You Need To Play These 5 Games At Your Next Game Night

Cards anyone?


Are you and your friends tired of the same old college parties? Or maybe you're just bored of your usual Friday and Saturday night routines. Have you and your friends ever thought of having an out of the box game night? Not the old monopoly, crazy complicated board game or Charades, I mean head scratching, dark humor, jumping from sturdy piece of furniture to the next kind of game night. Sounds like something you'd be interested in? Then, by all means, keep reading to see if you or any of your friends would want to play the games on this list!

1. True American.


As seen on the show, New Girl, this game packs a load of fun. There is an entire Youtube video explaining how to play the game! Drink up, stay in the game but most importantly have fun!

2. Joking Hazard.


If you haven't heard of this game created by Cyanide and Happiness, then you've been living under a phallic shaped rock. In this card game, you and your group of friends are tasked with finishing the joke. Whichever person lays down the funniest option, wins that round. Though, when you go to play your card, you'll come to find that these cards don't depict your average punch lines.

3. Cards Against Humanity.

Do you and your friends have a dark sense of humor? Or maybe you guys just want to test your limits on how horrible you can be without actually causing harm. This card game is perfect for you. Sort of like joking hazard, this game requires you to finish the punch line(s). Which ever one of you have the funniest, darkest or most satisfying card(s) on the table wins you the round. You can find this game at Target or on Amazon!

4. The JackBox Games.

You can purchase this game for your game system and include your entire group without needing fifty extra controls. This game is hosting on your game system but played on your phone! This party pack is packed with fun trivia games and drawing games that will keep you and friends entertained for the whole night.

5. Murder Mystery Night.

This one is pretty simple, you take Clue and bring it into real life. I mean, I'm not saying to actually murder anyone, but take the concept of the board game and just use real-life props and locations in your house, dorm or apartment. You can dress up, change up the murder weapon, blame the dog. Anything in this game goes really, as long as you're having fun!

Hopefully, my list of games helps you and your friends have a more interesting and fun game night!

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