Top 10 Songs to Get You Through Your FOWO (Fear of Working Out)
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Top 10 Songs to Get You Through Your FOWO (Fear of Working Out)

Your headphones are your best tool to getting an amazing workout in.

Top 10 Songs to Get You Through Your FOWO (Fear of Working Out)
Train For Her

If you're anything like tons of other Americans, you've probably resolved to be a little healthier this year. But working out isn't always easy-- especially if its a new routine for you.

Maybe you did your research and came to the gym prepared-- you have a workout plan, all the accessories you might need, and you are ready and excited to go. When you get there though, you realize its crowded, there's really muscular guys grunting, and really athletic girls slaying the cardio game. You feel out of place, anxious, and like everyone is looking at you.

Sound familiar? This exact situation is what gave me FOWO when I first started exploring a healthy lifestyle. I learned that one of my best and most important accessories was my headphones, and what I listened to really mattered. It helped me push out the world and really get the most of the time I spend at the gym.

So, here are some of my favorite songs to get me motivated during my workouts and sweating at the gym. All different types of music are included, so I'm sure there will be just the right thing to get you pumped up.

1. Thunder-- Imagine Dragons

This song is all about coming up from the bottom, proving the haters wrong, and being successful. Plus it is super upbeat to get you moving a little faster.

2. Work B**ch-- Britney Spears

Britney is such an underrated workout partner. Although some might think she is so 2000s, she knows how to make a catchy song. Whether its a hot body or a Bugatti-- as Britney so eloquently states in this song, sometimes you have to work extra hard for the things you want.

3. Run the World (Girls)-- Beyonce

I discovered this one when I was at the squat rack last week surrounded by testosterone. It came on my shuffle at just the perfect time. We really do run the world... And the squat rack.

4. Champion-- Fall Out Boy

This one is pretty self explanatory. How could I not put my favorite band on this list? If you want to be a champion of the gym and of your workout, this is the song for you.

5. Get Low-- Zedd & Liam Payne

This song is great to dance to when you're out and want to "get low" on the dance floor. But when you want to get low during your squats... well Liam can definitely help you with that.

6. Work This Body-- WALK THE MOON

Although a pretty obvious win, this song will get your heartbeat going and also inspire you to finish your workout. This is another song that is all about working endlessly towards your goals.

7. Alive-- Krewella

Nothing makes me feel alive more than getting my blood pumping at the gym, and this song helps me get in the mode. The bass matches my pace on the elliptical and makes me forget about the ticking clock for a minute or two.

8. All Me-- Drake

Something about hearing other peoples' success stories makes me want to strive for my goals even harder.That's why I had to include this classic Drake anthem on my list.

9. Whipped Into Shape-- Legally Blonde

Musical theatre songs aren't for everyone, but if you like Legally Blonde, this song will help you get through your workout. Brooke Wyndham is a great personal trainer!

10. Feel It Still-- Portugal. The Man

You'll be feeling your workout the next day after blasting this one through your headphones.

I hope that some of these songs help you get through your FOWO like they have helped me. Now go forth, and slay the game--but don't forget your headphones!

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