Top 5 Reasons Why Girls Should Wear Whatever They Want

Top 5 Reasons Why Girls Should Wear Whatever They Want

It is not a woman’s job to please your pecker with what she wears.

Recently I read an article shared by a friend on Facebook. This article was written by a source that has been notorious for saying things that offend and degrade women, at least from the articles I have seen. Normally, I read the article to try and see what the author’s reasoning is for their views since not everyone has to have the same ideas. However, after reading this article, I was so disgusted with what I read that I had to respond. This is not to say that this article is the worst thing I have ever read nor is it the worst article that the site, Total Frat Move, has published.

The article in question (link at the bottom of this article!) is titled, Why Girls Should Stop Wearing High-Waisted Bikinis, and is written by someone called “The Therapist.” In the article, the author discusses “the fashion faux pas that is sweeping the female population:” high-waisted bikinis. He believes that the high-waisted bikini is matronly and difficult to pull off if you’re not a celebrity (because clearly all non-celebrities have terrible bodies). In addition to this, he argues that “your ass disappears in these things.”

As someone who is a strong believer in body positivity and plain old respect for others and their decisions that honestly do not affect you, I felt an obligation to write a response to this. This is not to say that this author is not entitled to his views, but I am also entitled to voice mine, just as every other person can speak on this. With that, here are the top five reasons why girls should wear whatever they want!

1. It is no one’s business!

Whatever your style is, it is your personal style, and it makes you happy. What others think of your choice in outfit or bikini is not relevant, as long as you are comfortable in what you’re wearing. Whether it is your outfit choices, your bodily decisions (i.e. sex, tattoos, etc.), or even your drinking/dietary habits, as long as no one is put in danger by your actions, then it should not matter to anyone else. In the words of Olive from the movie Easy A, “it is nobody’s god damn business.”

2. Women do not dress for men.

For some reason, this simple concept is ignored by a good amount of the population. Do men think of how to attract women as they put on their basketball shorts or Hanes tee shirts? Neither do women. We do not think “Oh no! This bikini is slightly more comfortable for me, and it does not show every inch of my body. How will a man find me attractive now?!” I know my thought process is usually, “Do I think I look good? Am I comfortable? Will I be hot/cold later? Is it going to rain? Do I match?” Nowhere in a woman’s thought process is the question of catching a man’s attention, especially since newsflash: NOT EVERY WOMAN IS ATTRACTED TO MEN! In addition to that, not everyone is trying to get your sexual attention “The Therapist.”

3. Everyone is built differently.

Not every woman looks the same. Some of us have more cake than others, while some have more boobage, while others have neither. Some women have voluptuous curves, and others are less curvaceous. The beauty of this difference in body type is that everyone’s body is beautiful, so just because a woman is not thin like Taylor Swift does not mean that a woman with a different body type cannot rock a style.

4. Nothing is exclusive to celebrities.

Style is not exclusive to the Hollywood elite. Any woman can be as sexy as she wants if she so desires to. Whether or not you can masturbate to it later is honestly irrelevant. How she feels in her bikini is what really matters. You do not need loads of money to feel good in your body.

5. Supply and Demand, baby!

In addition all of these reasons, it is important to note why specialty clothing pieces, like high-waisted items were created. High-waisted clothing items (i.e. pants, shorts, bikinis) were created to fulfill a need in the market. I noticed these items came about after a long period when most of what was created by the fashion industry were things like low-rider jeans, and shorts that were so short that they were basically underwear on some.

Many women did not feel comfortable (because remember, what is important is how she feels in it) in clothes that revealed so much of the abdomen and lower back. I have to admit that I was one of those women craving something that made me feel comfortable and covered, so I am glad that there are finally styles of pants, shorts and bikinis that I feel sexy in.

Although there are many more reasons as to why not just girls, but everyone should wear whatever they want, these are the key reasons. I focused on women specifically in this, because women were the only ones targeted in the original article. If you’re interested in looking at the article that this is in response to, here is the link:

Cover Image Credit: Amanda Lambert (Flickr)

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Cover Image Credit: Charcoal Alley

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4 Helpful Tips To Keep You From Getting The Flu

It's not like you want to be sick.


Every year, every change of season, it seems like the communal health of the world gets flushed down the toilet.

The turn of Spring brings allergy season, and right now, we are at the very start of flu season. According to the CDC, flu season lasts from October to sometimes as late as May, with peak activity starting usually in February.

The flu did not waste any time this year. I live in an apartment with three other girls. I am the only one to not get the flu or a flu-like illness, and it is mid-October.

It is actually possible to not get sick while in college and to not get the flu. Here are a few simple and very helpful tips.

1. Get a flu shot.

Want to not get the flu? Get the flu shot. Simple as that, for the most part. It is not a cure, but it is the best precaution you can take. Don't forget, you could still get illnesses like sinus infections or strep throat, which are other common illnesses during this time of the year. But, you got your flu shot, now what?

2. Wash your hands with soap and invest in hand sanitizer.

People aren't perfect. You aren't always going to use soap when you wash your hands. Yes, that is a little gross, but here is me reminding you to always use soap every time you wash your hands. Don't forget to invest in hand sanitizer. Think about all the handles and surfaces you touch all day long that other people have also touched all day long. Sanitize your hands and you'll thank me later.

3. Vitamin C!

Got your flu shot and washed your hands and you still feel a little sickness coming? Pick up some orange juice and even some vitamin C tablets. Last year, I could feel myself getting a little bit sick and I took a vitamin C tablet every morning for about three or fours days, and guess what? I didn't end up getting sick and felt pretty close to 100%.

4. Wipe down surfaces.

No one likes to clean their dorm room or apartment. I know that because I hate doing it, and I'll push it off as long as I can. Suck it up and grab some Lysol wipes. The best thing you can do, at least, is wipe down surfaces like countertops, tables, and door handles. If you're living with other people that are sick, they're touching all these surfaces and handles with their grubby sick hands. Wipe that stuff away!

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