Top 10 Creative Halloween Costumes Of 2017

Halloween is the time of year where people get extra creative and choose to wear some interesting costumes that are totally hilarious and some even make you think for a second to understand! If you ever feel like you can't think of a good costume here is some inspiration for your Halloween spooky fun and a compiled list of the funniest, scariest, and wittiest costumes of 2017!

1. One Night Stand

This clever costume is sure to bring the laughs at any gathering and maybe even score you a one night stand if you are lucky!

2. A CVS Receipt

Ever gone to a pharmacy and gotten a receipt with 10 coupons on the end? Well, this guy sure has and he made a costume out of it for what I think is the most creative one out there!

3. Netflix and Chill

Typically this costume is done in a duo but this man clearly rocked it by himself and that bag of ice. Go you dude and maybe go find a partner to join you in the Netflix and Chill adventure!

4. Darla

We all remember this iconic character from Finding Nemo and this guy executed it insanely perfect! Are we sure the illustrators didn't base Darla off of him or did he base his costume of Darla? The world may never know.

5. Whip and Nae Nae

A hilarious twist on a common dance craze among teens gives this couple a leg up at any party!

6. Juno

This iconic duo should've just starred in the movie with how well they pulled this one off! I just wonder if they stayed in character all night...

7. Sharknado

With this odd movie being a hit, it's only fitting that someone made themselves into a sharknado by wrapping trash bags and fake sharks around them!

8. Napoleon Dynamite

I'm sure this costume has been done before but has it ever been done this good? I don't think so, they completely nailed this!

9. Miss Universe

After the iconic mishap at The Miss Universe pageant, these friends totally rocked this costume with the cleverness and creativity! I might find a friend to do this with me next year because it is truly so original!

10. The Rollercoaster

This has got to be the most epic costume ever done! The creativity and execution of this is 10/10! I really want to meet these guys and ask who came up with this one!

Halloween is the time to get creative and witty! Many people use basic costumes but these people created the most interesting costumes of 2017. If you have an interesting costume that you created, I'd love to hear what it was! But now that Halloween is over, It's time for a good Thanksgiving feast and some Christmas spirit so bring on the fall festivities and the Christmas jingles! Happy Holidays!

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