A few days ago at work, I was talking to some of my co-workers about some of our favorite T.V. shows growing up, most of my co-workers are a few years younger than me, so a few of our favorites were a little different. However we could all agree the all time favorite was none other than "Spongebob Squarepants." I have so many memories watching Spongebob with my brother and my Dad practically everyday. We could recite so many lines. Here are my favorite 11 episodes, not in any particular order.

1. The Graveyard Shift

The sash-ringing, the trash-slinging, mash-flinging, the flash-stringing, ringing the crash-dinging

This episode is a classic.

2. Spongebob Meets the Strangler

When Spongebob hires the strangler to be his "bodyguard"

"With these spikey cleats anything is possible!"

3. Band Geeks

The episode with Patrick's famous line:

4. Pizza Delivery

"It's not just a boulder, its a rock!" *soft sobs*

5. Survival of the Idiots

Dirty Dan and Pinhead Larry.

6. I Had an Accident

Spongebob breaks his butt while sand sledding, refuses to go outdoors and makes friends with a used napkin, a penny and a chip.

7. Club Spongebob

All hail the magic conch!

8. Frankendoodle

Who could forget evil Doodlebob.

"Me hoy minoy!"

9. Grandma's Kisses

When Spongebob's Grandma drops him off at work leaving a lipstick kiss on his forehead and everyone makes fun of him.

10. Just one Bite

"You like Krabby Patties, don't you Squidward?

11. Chocolate With Nuts

Patrick and Spongebob are inspired to make money after looking through a Fancy Living Digest magazine.