Tomi Lahren - A Disgrace To Journalism
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Tomi Lahren - A Disgrace To Journalism

The epitome of fear-mongering yellow journalism

Tomi Lahren - A Disgrace To Journalism
Tomi Lahren

Tomi Lahren is an utter disgrace to journalism.

It's becoming increasingly difficult to watch The Blaze's newest star go viral time after time, attracting men like flies to her skin-tight dresses, bleach blonde hair and shallow right-wing opinions based on few facts, if any. Is it really even a surprise that in today's political climate that her popularity is skyrocketing?

Let's be honest: what are the odds most viewers flocking to Lahren's show would be watching if she were a middle-aged woman donning boxy eyeglasses and a frumpy cable-knit sweater saying the same things? The chances are highly unlikely. Many of the scathing things she says on the show have been said by countless other political analysts before her, but her appearance appears to be the biggest draw for her viewers. Her opinion is nothing different than those on FOX News. She is no journalist.

Being a journalist means following a whole different set of rules both in the work produced as well as one's social media presence. Between these platforms are five general principles all journalists are expected to follow including accuracy, humanity, impartiality, accountability and independence. Lahren regularly violates three of these principles on both her show and her social media accounts.

While she has argued her show provides both sides to any given argument on her show, Lahren has proven otherwise on multiple different platforms. She has overstepped ethical boundaries multiple times, including producing a scathing tweet condemning "Black Lives Matter" as the new KKK amidst the ongoing clash between law enforcement and minorities across the country, an action far outside the ethics of journalism. She calls it a justified moment of anger. I call it entirely unprofessional. On another occasion, she made the outrageous claim that having Beyonce on the Super Bowl Halftime Show was the leagues way of saying, "black lives matter more." Where she gets her logic is beyond me.

Lahren was born in 1992, only two years before myself. While it's inspiring to see that it is possible to achieve such a massive level of success at such a young age, it's unnerving to see the profession I've been dreaming of going down such an atrocious path. I couldn't imagine having so much hate in my heart for so many people, let alone attempting to invoke hatred towards those with any sort of opposing view, lacking all kinds of humanity. That's not what journalism is about.

Journalism shouldn't be a tool to influence political leanings as that is the antithesis of the entire profession. If you are unable to separate fact from your opinion, this profession is most definitely not for you. Of course she is not the only person in the media using their platform as an influence on the public, especially in this new era of journalism, but that's doesn't make it an ethical decision. If anything, it makes that outlet less reputable.

Tomi Lahren's lack of moral and ethical standards disqualifies her from journalism altogether. Until she is able to separate her personal opinions from the news she is reporting, she is unfit to have such an influence that comes with being a journalist. Someone of her stature shouldn't be mixing fact with opinion; any halfway competent journalism student can tell you that.

Tomi, it's time to step up or step out.

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