Sadly it is getting close to the back to school year time, this is usually a depressing time for students especially college students. If you have not yet realized these 11 signs, you are 100% not ready to go back to school (aka: college).

1. You realize college sport tryouts are nearing, as well as fitness camp.

2. You realize classes start in a month and that means no sleeping in.

3.You realize you have or have yet to sign up for classes.

4.You realize you need to go supply shopping because you have literally nothing at home to use.

5.You realize you have no new outfits to wear.

6.You realize you may have to make new friends or study buddy!

7.You realize you have yet to go college dorm shopping.

8.You realize you have to get prepared for homework, projects, tests, quizzes, and exams. And your like..

9.You realize you're not ready to be social in the morning.

10. You realize you barely have money for college. So you get a job or get more hours at work and your like..

Lets not forget you need money for college books, tuition, supplies, and etc!!!

11. You realize you're already stressing.

Overall, if you agree to realizing these 11 signs of not being ready for college then your 100% right that you are not ready for college. Therefore, your scrambling around just to get prepared for the semester.