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    I am 20 years old as I said. I go to CCRI and I am studying to become a radiographer (aka) a xray technician, that is my dream career I have many other careers that I am interested in but xray technician is my #1 choice. I love photography, I played both recreational soccer and competitive soccer up to age 16 since age of 3. I also played unified basketball during my sophomore year in highschoool to my senior year in high school. I also became a soccer referee just for an couple of years. In addition, all my life I lived with a learning disability, I suffer a writing disability, speech impediment, and central auditory processing disorder. I lived with those since I was diagnosed with it. I will always have it but I didn't let that take over my life.Obviously I needed help during my elementary and Jr/ Sr high school career but I manage to get honors and get great grades. I never failed a class, also I never let my learning disability define me as a person. I may have gotten ac in a class but it is still passing. Also I may have failed some tests and quizzes but in the long run my hard work paid off. I have a brother and sister who are both older than me. I have two cats both boys, and a bunny thats a girl. In my free time I like playing soccer, basketball,go to the gym, hang with my friends,go shopping,photography, watch tv/netflix, and hang out with my family. My favortie tv shows are Greys Anatomy, the fosters, I am Jazz, The little people, The little couple, cake boss, and full house. Lastly, I work for my college newspaper and I enjoy writing. Lastly I am also learning to drive and soon I will have my licence. A little fun fact about me I love panera mac and cheese and papa gino's cheese pizza :). Anyways that sums me up in a nutshell.

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