nobody likes unpacking

Packing is horrible.

I feel like we can all agree on that.

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And the only possible thing I can think of that is worse than packing is unpacking. It's absolute torture.

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After you've stuffed everything in boxes and managed to fit everything in your car even though you can't see out the back, you have to figure out where everything is going to go.

And you don't want it to be like your old room; you want to try something different this time and switch it up.

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But, now that means that you've gotta get creative and that's certainly a hard task when it comes to me.

Where's the bed gonna go? The dresser? The bookshelf for the obnoxious amount of books that I'm going to read?

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The questions never stop and then the stress starts all over again. it's like the most frustrating game of Tetris there ever was.

You know what the most exciting thing is, though? The feeling you get once you're done. The feeling of relief, accomplishment, the finality that you feel is almost worth all that you went through to do it.

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Notice how I say almost.

It eventually becomes worth it once you're laying on your bed in the new layout that you came up with on the spot. You're watching TV on your dresser that you put together yourself so who knows how many screws are missing from it?

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But, now we can all rejoice in the fact that it's actually over. You're done moving things around. You're done throwing empty and worn out boxes into the trashcan. You're done with all of it. Your roommates can stop stepping over your things that are all over the living room.


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Let's rejoice. Unpacking is horrible, but phew. Once we get to that final stretch and the end goal, it actually seems worth it.

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