To Those Who Want To Come Up With New Year's Resolutions But Have No Idea Where To Start
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To Those Who Want To Come Up With New Year's Resolutions But Have No Idea Where To Start

A guide on how to slay 2018.

To Those Who Want To Come Up With New Year's Resolutions But Have No Idea Where To Start

Instead of making resolutions to bring in the New Year, I think we (yes, I do mean everyone) need to brainstorm what there can be more of in 2018. If I were to choose a word that fully encapsulated 2017, I would say strife the shootings and terrorist attacks around the globe, devastating natural disasters, an election and some of President Trump’s policies that have left many bitter, celebrity sexual assaults, and political incorrectness that has amplified our society’s sensitivity.

After taking a poll, for the purposes of this article, I was able to gather 11 peoples’ opinions of what they think there should be more of in the new year:

1. Putting people and relationships first

We are humans after all, right? We are creatures who seek interaction. In our society today, you probably see three-quarters of a room with their heads buried in their phone, tablet, computer, and so forth. Think about how much of a hunchback they’ll get when they older! Coming from personal experience, I’ve taken things and people for granted.

Yes, I do wish I had a time machine to go back to that exact moment and undo what I did in the past, but all we can do is be present.

Live in the moment. In my family, I’m considered the telephone liaison or the “telephone butterfly” — I’m the type of person who wants to keep friends and family in my life for as long as possible; yes, sometimes it can be annoying always being the one to “make the first move,” but in the end, my friends and family always thank me for reaching out.

2. Kindness

You remember back in elementary school, or even in kindergarten when teachers would teach the “Golden Rule:” doing unto others as you would have them done unto you? Sadly, this “Golden Rule” isn’t so golden anymore — the amount of terrorist attacks, countless finger pointing matches, and even resentment towards specific groups (i.e. think “Black Lives Matter Movement,” the Women’s March, and the Colorado court case where a gay couple was denied the purchase of a wedding cake just because of their sexuality).

The moral here: be nicer to everyone you meet. You don’t know what the person next to you has gone through and reacts the way they do. If someone was being a jerk to you for no reason, how would you feel?

So, say “hi” to a stranger, pay for the coffee of the person behind you, donate and volunteer to charity. You become a well-rounded person and inspire others to become a better version of themselves.

3. More face-time (literally) than screentime

Don’t get me wrong, I’m techy: I have an iPhone, a laptop, use social media, and have an iPad I rarely use. I will blatantly admit that I rely too much on technology, sometimes.

It doesn’t help that most college classes, and even middle/elementary schools, are turning away from the good ‘ole whiteboards and now turn their attention to I-pads as their personal organizers. At such a young age, they become easily distracted, bored or even like a deer in headlights without their technology. The online site Blackboard, which many college professors rely on to organize their curriculum, assignments, and exams.

It also doesn’t help people who rely on technology, as their only means of communication, because of how far they live away from their family. Face to face time is critical!

Un-hunch yourself from staring into your phone and glue your eyeballs to the person in front of you, one day, they might not be there- what were your last words to them or was it dead silence from checking your device? It’s your call.

4. Selfishness: the balance

Think of it like a see-saw: one side is selfishness and the other is selflessness. If you sit too much on the selfish side, you’re stuck in your own head and become narcissistic. If you sit too much on selflessness, you end up being a caring person but cause more damage to your own well being. So treat yo'self! You deserve it. Once again, I’ll admit I put my school, work, student clubs on campus I’m part of, and my family first. Like many things in life, it takes practice and balance.

Even taking 60 seconds or five minutes to yourself, it’ll do some good. Whether people like to admit it, people need to recharge their batteries.

5. Patience and loyalty

We live in a society where people keep wanting things faster and work tirelessly to achieve impeccable efficiency. Realistically, however, things take time. We all are sunflowers who start from a tiny seed. After much TLC and marking X’s on the calendar, we all bloom. We’re all created uniquely, so for some, it may take longer and others it may come naturally. Patience is practiced and tested everywhere.

Loyalty may sound something of royalty, or back in the Medieval times of knights and chivalry, but it simply means showing support. Not only in politics, but also in the workplace and even in relationships, loyalty is extremely important when establishing trust. We live in a dog-eat-dog world, a postmodern take on Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest” theory, but when it all comes down to it, we all are Human.

What we need more of is a mutual understanding that we are not robots, we are beings capable of feeling. If you think about it, think how many fewer conflicts will arise because of a stronger foundation of loyalty. Let’s improve ourselves before we try to improve others.

Some additional thoughts:

*Quality over quantity

*Write more — no, using a calligraphy/cursive type of font in Microsoft Word does not count. Grab a pen or pencil and a piece of paper; writing is going to become a lost art.

*Read more

*Stop counting calories, start looking for “organic” labels — as a former division one gymnast, I had to count my calories in order to make weight. I started to count calories and it became too much of an obsession.

*Watch where you’re walking! From walking in the quad to walking around downtown, there are people who literally will walk into you because they were too busy on their phone.

*Travel! Adventure is out there.

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