It is all the rage these days, blast the "perfect, artsy" relationship all over social media for the world to see.

There is a slight problem with that. No matter how much your significant other posts you on his/her Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram does not change the actual person they are. It won't make all the problems go away. Yeah, sure, you will get a lot of comments about how y'all are total "goals" and "omg when is the wedding" or a simple "yes." While those people are just being sweet and good friends, because let's be honest, everyone likes a comment on their hard-thought-out Instagram caption, right? But, those comments are not what should be the center of your relationship.

It is not about how many likes you get on your picture or how many comments. It is definitely not about how artsy or hipster the background is either. That will soon fade and the foundation that you have laid your relationship on has now crumbled. You both grew up and drifted from social media and now, the whole reason you thought he/she was so sweet, withered away.

The foundation of social media is a foundation we are all guilty of standing on at times. Yes, some more than others, but still guilty. We, generation M (for media) as they call us, are so caught up in how our lives look on social media and comparing our relationship to the next square we scroll to, we can not even see the issues in our own.

It doesn't matter if they treat you bad behind the curtains because "they will make up for it when they post that sweet post and everyone thinks we are just the perfect couple." Newsflash, once you're married and older, social media won't be there anymore. I can guarantee, well at least I hope, that when you are 43 and have 4 kids, that social media is not the center of your life.

Now, I am not saying that people that post pictures of their relationship on social media that means anything bad. Because then I would be a hypocrite. All I am saying is that when it becomes the foundation, problems arise. Wake up, people! It is God who should be the center. He is the only solid foundation you need. Nobody's approval on Instagram will every measure up to the Godly relationship Christ intended for you to have.

Maybe instead of spending 20 minutes of your time finding the perfect stance, the perfect pose, the perfect lighting, the perfect caption, spend 20 minutes with your Savior. He is all the acceptance you need.