Why Your Relationship On Social Media Is A Lie
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Why Your Relationship On Social Media Is A Lie

The public doesn't know what happens behind closed doors.

Why Your Relationship On Social Media Is A Lie
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Chances are, over 50% of your friends on social media are in happy relationships that are going to last forever. These couples never fight, they go on dates once a week, and they never ever do something to upset their significant other. Your friends on social media are liars and I bet their relationship is far from perfect.

Social media is the place everyone goes to tell the world how amazing their relationship is and how they wouldn't change a thing. Unfortunately, in their most recent status update, tweet, or Instagram post, it fails to mention how the couple got into a fight hours earlier.

I have countless Instagram posts I have posted with someone where hours before, we got into a huge argument and I told them what a crappy friend/boyfriend/sibling they are. Without a doubt, the caption was something along the lines of how great of a person they are and how I never want to live without them. The public doesn't know what happens behind closed doors.

Subtweeting/Facebooking is the bane of every relationship. I could log into twitter and see I had made my boyfriend mad before I even knew what I did wrong. I was in a relationship for years and I can't tell you how often we texted each other wondering what our most recent tweet was about. I had an awful habit of consulting social media before I consulted my significant other. "I can't believe you would do that to me." I tweeted as I was ignoring my significant other's call where he was trying to fix the problem. My relationship may have not been perfect, but Twitter didn't need to know that.

Next time you post the great things about your relationship, don't forget about the countless times you both have tried to break it off, but decided to keep it together for the sake of your social media and reputation.

Your relationship isn't perfect, and I get it, I've been there. But please, for the love of all that is holy, please do not act like everything is sunshine and rainbows because everyone who has ever been in a relationship knows you're full of crap.

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