If you're fortunate enough to live with a single mother, you know what it's like to have been raised by a woman who had to play the role of both parents. Always doing double the amount of work to make sure every part of your life goes accordingly. My mother is one of those women. She is strong and independent and killing it. Everything she does, she does for me. For women who do everything on their own, single mothers are underrated.

Moms will always put you before themselves, it's just in their nature. But a single mom goes above and beyond. Even when she may have 100 other things to do, she will put your needs in front of everything. Whether it's driving you somewhere, making dinner, or just being there when you need her most, she's always got your back.

Your mom is always there to support you. When you're younger, she will tell you that you're doing great when you're failing miserably just to see a smile on your face. My mom always told me that as long as I tried my best she would be proud of me, but the thing is, she would always be proud of me no matter what. Always on the sidelines cheering me on, no matter how terribly I was doing.

Another amazing thing about having a single mom is the relationship you have with her. Because it's just me and my mom, we have no choice but to be close. We have the same sense of humor and can laugh about the most random stupid things forever. When we fight, things can get pretty heated, but it resolves itself within a few hours. Sometimes it's just because there's no one else around to talk to but mostly because we just get over it.

Single moms do a lot, and they do it all with tough love. If you do something stupid, she'll make sure you're aware of the fact that you were stupid. She won't let you give up if she knows you can keep fighting. She's not being hard on you, she's just a strong woman who wants what is best. She knows you can be just as strong as she is and that's why she pushes you.

As much as she may embarrass you or annoy you, she will always be one of the greatest people you have in your life. Every humiliating Facebook post or incessant text message is because she cares about you so much. You're her whole world and she just wants you to know that. Appreciate every little thing she does for you because she does it all on her own. She shaped you into the person you are today, and without her, you wouldn't even be here. So, thank you, Mom, for bringing me into this world and putting up with me ever since.