To the ones who never believed in me. It was a joke to you when I said that I wanted to join the Army. Yet here I am two years later and striving better than I ever had in the military career. I have been able to almost get my second MOS. It was a joke to you when I decided to go back to school. I almost have failed, I dropped out, I wanted to quit, but yet your motivation of wanting me to fail only made me push harder. I have had tears in my eyes struggling to read the questions but yet I did it. I have been way too tired to read that extra chapter yet I read it.

You laughed at me when I told you I wanted to work in the special victims unit. I did not find it funny, but you did. One day I will be the best damn detective I ever can be because you thought I couldn't. You wanting me to fail makes me push harder. When I bought my jeep you said that was the dumbest thing I could have ever done. But yet I own two vehicles and you own only one? You laughed when I said I wanted to get my Ph.D., you said I would fail but yet I am almost two years done. You wanted me to fail at psychology and thought it would be too hard for me, but that 3.0 doesn't lie. When I brought up finding happiness, you said I was stupid and it would not last. But here we are stronger than ever and I am happier, healthier, and more loved than I ever have been.

When I brought up how I wanted to be work with helicopters you laughed in my face. When you called me stupid and dumb. It hurt, it stung and I cried. But today I will use it as motivation. To do that extra push up, read that extra chapter, to run a little faster, to study extra harder, to work extra hours, to love more than my heart could ever hold. Because you told me I would fail because you laughed just a little louder that time because you never believed I could be a soldier, a college student, a detective, a helicopter pilot, a doctor, a lover, a mother, a homeowner, a wife, to be myself. You never believed in me, but ten years down the road, I will be all of that and more.

Because of you I will succeed and pass all of your expectations...