To the One Who has Multiple Hobbies

We all have an activity we've either grown up doing, or found for ourselves as we've grown. Some of us we're put in ballet classes or little league where we made our first friends and developed our first hobbies. The older we get, the more we explore the world around us and meet people doing new and exciting things. With new technologies and careers we find ourselves experimenting more and more. However, there are times we find things we may not be so good at, and stick the the ones we feel we are. If you're lucky, you get to participate in multiple sports, or go on multiple trips. Then sometimes we may only have one activity we enjoy. ALL are perfectly fine!

I've experimented with many different hobbies throughout my life, from dance to creative arts, sports, and more. If I love it, I stick with it. What I've come to find, is yes, some things we are better at than others. There are activities I probably wouldn't choose to do again, nor am I very good at, but there are many that I have come to love, and would continue to do. However, what I've come to notice is sometimes people will admire what you do, and sometimes be jealous. They won't show it, but sometimes they'll compliment you in a way, that doesn't feel like a compliment, and almost makes you feel bad for being good at what you do. People will think and say what they will, but it doesn't change how it can make you feel.

If you find yourself with a talent, don't ever let anyone put you down from it. If you're good at something, focus on it being your passion. If something makes you happy, no one can take it away from you. Everyone is unique and will find their passions on their own terms, and they certainly do not set your terms. Our hobbies are what set us apart from being ordinary, and make us extroadinary. Even if you feel like you're absolutely terrible at it, if it's what you love, push onwards. We don't always have control over everything in our lives, but we do have choices. Those choices are endless in what we can and will do. No one has the power to tell you no, other than if you decide it's not right for you. If you're spending your time all over the place, going from a sports game, to a robotics class, then off to creating a piece for an art exhibit and onto going for an academic scholarship, then that's what you do. Don't let people compare themselves to you, encourage them. They may be struggling like you were in the beginning.

Life is about experiences, from learning, to doing, and onto teaching. How we go through those steps, is in our hands. It's where we make our connections, and find our next opportunity. And you never know where it'll take you. So don't let what other's may think of your multiple hobbies, stop you from loving them.

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