For the past eight months that we've been together (I know, it feels like longer to me to) you have been the greatest boyfriend I could have asked for. I am so beyond thankful to have someone like you, especially since you didn't stop being incredibly sweet after a couple months.

Since the beginning, you've made sure that I am always happy, willing to drive back to my dorm so I could take off my makeup and change into more comfortable clothing for our dates. Hanging out in my dorm room all the time so that I could study. Massaging my shoulders when I would get stressed. You even made sure that I ate at least two times a day, and if I hadn't, you would feed me. Plus, you are always making me laugh when I truly need it the most.

On top of all of those amazing qualities, my family loves you. Out of every single relationship, you are the person my parents love the most. Mostly because you find any way possible to take care of me emotionally and physically. You are willing to bear the brunt of our bills because you make much more than me and work more hours than I do. The lengths you are willing to go to keep me happy is wonderful.

So wonderful that you were willing to move three hours away from some of your family to be with me. You have no family here and yet you were willing to jump on board because I hated school and needed my family. You understood just how depressed I was becoming and that my anxiety was ruling my life. The nights that you spent up with me crying or just cuddling me. The amount of forehead and cheek kisses when I really wasn't doing that great. You are willing to do so much for me.

When I was younger I pictured what I wanted in a boyfriend, usually he was a little taller than you are but that's really the only difference. Well, that, and after I came out to my family I pictured myself ended up married to a woman, she seemed pretty cool too. Anyway, you are what I've always wanted.

Currently we are sleeping on an air mattress in the living room of my parents' place. Yet here we are, so incredibly happy. Soon we will have our own apartment and I truly cannot wait. With the parental stamp of approval on our future, I'm so excited to see what it holds for us. So thank you for that extremely awkward first date and all of the great memories after that. I owe so much happiness to you. I love you.