To The Girl Who Believes Man Is Greater

The election is over and emotions are at an all-time high. I'm not usually one to voice my opinions on social media, but lately, I've had enough of some of the hate I've been witnessing. I saw one tweet from a young lady that stated, "Honestly, even if Hillary were a super qualified candidate, I still wouldn't vote for her because I don't believe the presidency is a woman's job."

Wait......... what???

Her argument was that women are too "emotionally unstable" to lead a country. While I did not vote for Hillary Clinton, it was because I felt like she truly was not qualified to lead this country. Hillary being a woman, had nothing to do with it. I would love to see a woman take the office someday. But I hope that when that day comes, that woman is a qualified and strong and courageous individual who keeps American citizen's best interests at heart.

I find it utterly sickening that a young woman can sit there and say, "I don't believe women are equal to men." Honey, I've got a brain just like a man does and I've got rights just like a man. does.

You may not see yourself as being equal to a man but I sure as hell do. I'm sorry that you somehow got to the distorted idea that just because a woman has a period and has a hormone cycle, that she is of lesser value. I think having a period and hormone cycle is great!! Because that means I was blessed with the gift to reproduce and give birth to a new generation.

And I will teach my children that they are equal and deserve the same rights. But in the meantime, I will pray for your future daughters because they will never know their true capability as a powerful woman.

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