It seems like every since we were little children that we would all meet our small group of friends at our social places like daycare and school and from that day forward, we claim them as our best friend. Once that happens, we then proceed to claim that we will be friends forever and that nothing will separate us and so on. Unfortunately, as the years go on we tend to loose those friends and go our separate ways. However, you could also make a mistake and it gets blown out of proportion and try and make up but it just doesn't happen, no matter how hard you try. Well, this is to my best friend of almost four years that just would not take me back.

At first, I was completely devastated because we would do everything together and now I had no one (at least that's how I saw it at the time). Then as time went on, it got a little easier to deal with the pain that you would never consider me a friend again. When it got to the point that the pain was almost non-existent, you managed to blow my world up once again, but not the way I had hoped. You sent out one of your little minions to blow up my phone with text messages on how I was always a horrible friend but you managed to always stick with me no matter what and a bunch of other false stuff. I tried my best to just shake it off because I knew that it was not true and that you were trying to get under my skin. And I will admit, you did get under my skin once again, but not for that long because I finally realized one major thing; you were never really a true friend. Once that finally hit me on the head like a wrecking ball, I managed to get over the entire thing and just move on with my life.

With all of the negative vibes and events that happened, though, I learned countless life lessons that I would benefit for the rest of my life, and I honestly thank you for that. One of the biggest lessons I learned was to pay attention to how the person treats other people that they had a falling out with and why they had a falling out. This is important to me because it will show you the type of person that they truly are and will make you really question their character. It can also make you try and put yourself in the other person's shoes and see if you could deal being treated like that.

Another tough lesson that I learned was that even tough you may do everything with someone and give the friendship your all, they can try and find an easy out of the friendship. This, unfortunately, happens more time than not, I have begun to realize after talking to several other people. One major thing I learned from this is to not take it personally because sometimes people jus can't handle having the dedication from specific people for so long and they try their hardest to find an easy out of anything.

Like I have said previously, I truly thank you for not taking me back after my small hick-up in our friendship. This stupid rut in the road has made me a stronger person. It has also given me a different outlook on friendship because I know know that you don't have to do everything with that one person constantly. It has taught me that sometimes, the people that aren't always physically there, are most likely your better friends because you don't take them for granite and vice versa. So one last time, thank you and I hope you have a blissful life.