To The Boy Who Cheated On My Best Friend

Usually you wouldn’t thank a boy for hurting your best friend—for taking a relationship that she loved and cherished and not only crushing it but also crushing her. Well I’m here to thank you for that. Thank you for your decision to cheat on my best friend. I don’t mean this in the way of I’m happy that this happened, I mean it in a way of I’m happy that you taught her so many life lessons at such a young age.

First off, you taught her that not every “I love you” is real. There’s a difference between loving someone and caring about them, and I truly believe that if you loved someone, you wouldn’t cheat on them. Therefore, I question whether or not you ever loved my best friend?

Second, she is now very aware of how her own actions and her friend’s actions can affect others and their relationships. Since she was cheated on, she would never put someone she “loved” in that position or she would never want to be the other girl in the relationship. Not only would she not allow that for herself, but she wouldn’t allow that for her friends.

Third, you finally showed her that she wasn’t being treated the way she deserved. This is a girl that would do anything for you. She held you on a pedestal when you truthfully didn’t deserve it. She put all her trust in you and believed in the morals you always said you had, and in return, you betrayed her trust.

One day, I hope you realize that you gave up the best girlfriend you could have asked for. She loved you more than anything and would never do to you what you did to her. When she used to talk about you, her eyes would light up. Now, there’s a different expression on her face.

While you never did check on her after the break up, I want you to know that she's okay. She’s searching for a new happiness within herself. So thank you. Thank you for teaching my best friend some of the most important lessons she’ll ever learn in her life. Even when all of our friends experienced the greatest tragedy, we couldn't imagine that you wouldn’t at least check to see if she was OK or how she was handling the situation. After that, she found peace with the fact that you are no longer in her life.

Whenever I see the pictures you post with your new girlfriend, my heart breaks a little for her. Part of me is angry and the other part of me is happy that she didn’t have to waste four years at college being committed to you when you weren’t doing the same. Eventually, she will find someone who deserves to be put on a pedestal, someone who will smile when they talk about her, and someone who won’t give up on her.

Until she finds that boy, I’ll be here to take care of her and make sure a guy like you never comes around again.

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