Let me start off by saying I love me some hip-hop. I’m always like to keep an open mind when listening to different rappers’ records whether there from 20 years old to even now hearing the new wave of artists underground or mainstream.

However I need those to know just like ones who wants to be a movie star or supermodel or even ballet dancer. Not everyone will make it. I know that your parents and teachers shove down your throat you can do any career that you put your mind but let’s be honest reality kicks when you become an adult. And sometimes it pains me as a black person seeing other young black people who are so bent on becoming the next Jay-Z or the next Future or Lil Uzi for that matter. One because there’s so many other things in this country you can be besides being a rapper. I mean for god sakes we need more black people in legislation and congress or more in the STEM field. Also the world of hip-hop is a saturated one and a competitive one. And definitely what doesn’t help if you’re just a wack rapper in general. Though granted you can be wack rapper no matter skin color. Back to the idea of what wack rapper is: if your bars or lyrics aren’t on point, if there’s no good production and if you can’t make yourself stand out from the rest. Because that’s what being in the music industry is all about: setting yourself-apart. Most importantly if you can’t freestyle on command like the ones on Sway in the Morning (Shade45) you’re not rapper material.

It also concerns me to see how bent people are on becoming a hip-hop star not realizing they have bills to pay and family that can’t be neglected. Going broke from spending amount of $ on audio software and props for music videos. Or even hearing about baby mamas who are financially supporting their baby daddy studio time he needs to drop a mixtape on SoundCloud.

My thing is if 10 people are telling you that your music sucks you should probably take it into consideration. You should also find a career or field that has more concrete opportunity. Even within hip hop, there other career besides just being a artist. You could be a hip-hop journalist or a historian or work a talent agent or radio promoter. One final statement: if you’re parents aren’t supporting your dream it’s most likely coming from a good place, no one wants to see you struggle they want to see succeed. So you need a Plan B.