To My Younger Self

Dear my younger self,

IT will get better. I know right now whatever you are facing whatever you are struggling with makes you feel like the end of the world. It makes you think that you won't be able to survive or continue because of how much the situation has effected you. I can say that coming from someone who has been at the lowest lows possible emotionally and mentally, whatever you are thinking and whatever you are dealing with, It will pass. It may take a while. It may be a slow process. It may require a good cry, a panic attack or a mental break down, but it will pass. What won't pass is the lessons you learn.

Situations pass and most fade, but the impact that it has on your life, that is your choice. You have to choose to allow it to positively impact your life. You have to choose to let any situation you face be a learning opportunity. Let it be a chance for you to grow and to truly know you are. Let every situation, every trial and tribulation that you face make you who you are. Whether the situation leaves you broken or bruised, let you rise up from the rubble and be strong. You can do it. And if you don't have the effort anymore, look around their is a friend with a hand out to help. You are going to be okay. You can get past it. Look for help if you need it. No one needs to be superman or wonder woman, they need to be themselves. Let the situations you endure make you who you are. Let them help you grow. Let them help you live.


Your Older Self

P.S. I am still working to take my own advice, but everything helps.

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