An Open Letter To My Sisters

An Open Letter To My Sisters

Thank you for all you do.

To the most beautiful humans I know,

You mean the world to me. I couldn’t imagine this world without you. You have opened my mind up to an unlimited amount of things and taught me more than I could have ever imagined. For this, I wish to thank you.

Thank you for always being the one to call at all hours of the night.

You know it — the laughs, the screams and the cries, you know it even before I tell you. You are always there eager to listen and really hear me. You are there to be able to give me the right amount of advice, and know when to step back and just let me talk. Sorry for waking you up endless times over the nights.

Thank you for making living with mom and dad a bit more bearable.

Arguments with them could be pretty dangerous without either of you two. I know when the three of us are together there is no way that we are losing to the parents. You are my sidekicks, the ones who always have the perfect stab to take at either of them.

Thank you for understanding and making the inside jokes.

Yes, you soup face. I am talking to you. We have created a new language, a code per se. We have realized a way in which we can talk to each other that others will not. You understand the “sentence” composed of about three words and too many syllables that originally made no sense, thanks for understanding my gibberish.

Thank you for supplying my second closet.

Just let me borrow it please! I swear I won’t lose it, rip it, and I will definitely not stain it like last time ...

Thank you for being my second mom.

Yes, I know text you when I get there to let you know that I am safe. Yes I won’t drink and drive. Yes I will be smart. Yes I understand. Yes I am sure.

Thank you for being my partner in crime.

You always have my back, regardless of our situation. You let me know if my breath smells like alcohol or to put away the goods because mom is coming downstairs. You have my back when we are doing something stupid or playing pranks. You saved me and took the blame whenever it was needed. You were down to teepee the next house, and hide in the woods. You were there through the little mistakes and then to witness the ones that we won't publish here.

Thank you for being my best friend.

You know it all. You know my favorite color, my biggest pet peeves, the one thing that scares me the most, the boy that I will never get over, and most importantly my faults. You are the one who shares my puppy addiction and binge eat at 2 a.m. You are the one who is there to wipe up my tears and celebrate my happiness. You are the one who can be miles away and still calm me down through the deepest pain. You know exactly how to treat every situation I get caught up in.

You are there for me. You will always be there for me. I thank you because you both the most amazing people I have ever met. Your minds fill me with joy. Your accomplishments astonish me. You never fail to impress me. Thank you for showing me what it means to love someone so much.

I love you both to the moon and back googleplex times.

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The Thank You My Dad Deserves

While our moms are always the heroes, our dads deserve some credit, too.

Dear Dad,

You’ve gone a really long time without being thanked. I'm not talking about thanks for things like opening the Gatorade bottle I couldn't or checking my tires when my car’s maintenance light is flashing, but rather the thanks I owe you for shaping me into the person I am today.

Thank you for teaching me what I deserve and for not letting me settle for anything less.

While the whole world was telling me I wasn’t good enough, you were there to tell me I was. Whether this was with boys, a friend, or anything else, you always built my confidence to a place I couldn’t build it to on my own. You showed me what my great qualities were and helped me feel unique. But most of all, you never let me settle for anything less than what I deserved, even when I wanted to. Without you, I wouldn’t be nearly as ambitious, outgoing or strong.

Thank you for giving me someone to make proud.

It’s hard to work hard when it’s just for myself, but so easy when it’s for you. All through school, nothing made me happier than getting a good grade back because I knew I got to come home and tell you. With everything I do, you give me a purpose.

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Thank you for showing me what selflessness looks like.

You are the prime example of what putting your family first looks like. If me wanting something means that you can’t get what you want, you’ll always sacrifice. From wearing the same t-shirts you’ve had since I was in elementary school so I could buy the new clothes I wanted, to not going out with your friends so you could come to my shows, you never made a decision without your family at the forefront of your mind. If there is one quality you have that I look up to you for the most, it’s your ability to completely put your needs aside and focus entirely on the wants of others.

Thank you for being the voice in the back of my head that shows me wrong from right.

Even though many of your dad-isms like “always wear a seatbelt” easily get old, whenever I’m in a situation and can’t decide if what I’m doing is right or wrong, I always can hear you in the back of my head pointing me in the right direction. While I may not boost your ego often enough by telling you you’re always right, you are.

Thank you for being real with me when nobody else will.

Being your child hasn’t always been full of happiness and encouragement, but that’s what makes you such an integral part of my life. Rather than sugarcoating things and always telling me I was the perfect child, you called me out when I was wrong. But what separates you from other dads is that instead of just knocking me down, you helped me improve. You helped me figure out my faults and stood by me every step of the way as I worked to fix them.

Most of all, thank you for showing me what a great man looks like.

I know that marriage may seem very far down the road, but I just want you to know that whoever the guy I marry is, I know he’ll be right because I have an amazing guy to compare him to. I know you’re not perfect (nobody is), but you’ve raised me in a such a way that I couldn’t imagine my kids being raised any differently. Finding a guy with your heart, drive, and generosity will be tough, but I know it will be worth it.

Dad, you’re more than just my parent, but my best friend. You’re there for me like nobody else is and I couldn’t imagine being where I am now without you.

Love you forever,

Your little girl

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Poetry on Odyssey: Broken Girl

He held her up


and then one day, she stopped pursuing the things of this world

she picked up God's armor

prepared herself with the spirit's sword

and from then on, God never let go of her

she stumbled often

He held her up

sometimes she doubted

He taught her to trust

she would stress over how to win the battles

He would reassure her that peace would soon be restored

while she was fretting over those small battles,

He'd already won the war

through every hardship he was with her

whenever she felt alone, he reminded her that she was not

whenever she began trusting in herself, He reminded her to surrender

a love as great as the Lord's could never be bought

she deserved no grace at all

but he blessed her beyond compare

He always listened when she called

lifted her burdens when she cast her cares

she does the best she can to devote her life to Him

and though she falls short of his glory

he loves her and sees beauty when all she sees is a girl who's broken

He keeps her going because His mercies are new every morning

Originally posted on my blog, Rithimus Poeta. (

Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook: rithimuspoeta

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