To My Second Family
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To My Second Family

You are my home away from home.

To My Second Family

To my second family,

First off, I want to thank you both for being so welcoming towards me from the first time we met and ever since things have not changed. I vividly remember the first time we met. I was very shy and nervous. As time went on, my relationship with ya'll has strengthened and I am sure at times wished I would shut up. Thank ya'll for always cooking for me and always having multiple couches for me to sleep on. My favorite one is now is the one near yall's bedroom. Yes, i can actually fall asleep and stay asleep there! Thank you both for always supporting me in all of my decisions. Thank you Scotty for always making sure im up for work even if that means you have to get up at 3:30 in the morning. (Definitely would have overslept that one morning if it wasn't for you!) Thank you Mrs. Tracey for always double teaming Tyler with me! Thank you Scotty for the talks you give me when i need them and always telling me what i need to hear not what i want to hear. Thank you for stepping in and really being my dad whenver guys come into the picture. (Brent was scared to death to meet you!) Thank you Mrs. Tracey for always fussing at me if i go to eat somethingim not suppose to and about what time i need to get to bed. (i hardly ever get a full nights sleep) I feel like i dont tell ya'll enough how much i really appreciate yall and ho grateful i really am to have yall in my life. I love both of you! Always!

To Olivia and Dakota,

First off i can not wait to meet yalls special little girl inside your tummy Olivia! (You dont have long more or by the time this gets published you may have already had her!) Know that i am always here if ya'll evr need some extra help or helping hand and im always up for babysitting! Dakota, thanks for always coming up with the best strategies when it comes to playing capture the flag and or the talks we have when we play. Olivia, thanks for always fixing my plate for me on the weekends im home to bring home to me. (I'm pretty sure you're the one who fixes it!) Even though i dont talk to yall as much i still love yall the same!

p.s. Thanks Olivia for always voting to keep me instead of Tyler! Dakota you chose Tyler... so ill just leave it as that. haha

To Tyler,

Lord knows i could strangle you 99% of the time, but i also would not know what to do without you. I guess i actually have to say some nice and sweet things to you in this. *insert eye rolley emoji* Thank you for always coming all the way across the house to turn the lights off where i am, bringing me medicine, and something to drink. (yes i know im lazy, but you the real MVP for that!) Thank you for always letting me use your charger when im over there there because its long enough to reach to the couch i sleep on so i can still be on my phone. (Even though that charger barely works half the time) Thank you for all the late night Summerville trips just to go to Starbucks because i can be a basic white girl most of the time! (i think its time for another one soon!) Thank you for always listening to me rant and talk and complain and for never judging me no matter what it is i may tell you. (im sure your mind has been blown lots of times!) thank you for putting gas in my car sometimes and also wasting gas when i actually pay for it. *insert another eye rolley emoji* Tahnks for always playing in my hair to help me fall asleep. (sometimes my hair being a mess is worth it.) Thank you for always giving into the puppy dog face too! Theres so much more i could rant on with you, but know i really do appreciate you and love you! Oh and thank you for all the beach trips to come!

p.s. just know ill always snitch on you ;)

To Christian,

Thank you for always being down to go to town with me for whatever reason it may be. No thank you for always roasting me! ( I cant ever catch a break with you! Im working on my love handles!) thank you for always being the first one to speak to me and give me a hug! Thank you for the many many back massages. (you really should go to school for that, btw i think its time for one soon!) thanks for always letting me lay on you and you play in my ahir when we have family time and watch a movie together. I ove you!

p.s. youre lowkey the favorite brother, but shh dont tell tyler!

To Sebastian,

I saved the best for last! You say you dont like and never talk to me, but just know i know you actually like me deep down inside. Oh and thanks for that amazing foot rub that one time!

To everyone,

You all are my home away from home! I love yall so much. I will forever be thankful and grateful for you all becoming such a bug part of my life! Also thank most of you for always choosing me over Tyler!


Your adopted daughter and sister! <3

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