Everything I Wish I Could Say To My Once-Best Friend
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Everything I Wish I Could Say To My Once-Best Friend

It's all the emotions, thoughts, and feelings bottled up from the past year and a half.

Everything I Wish I Could Say To My Once-Best Friend

This is everything I wish I could say to my old best friend. It's nothing more, nothing less. It's basically all the emotions, thoughts, and feelings I've kept inside for the past year and a half. It's not super interesting, but you could probably relate to it if you lost your best friend due to nothing more than distance.

I promised you we'd still be friends, that we'd still keep in touch. I promised we'd still go to concerts together, even though that All Time Low one in Orlando, a week before I left for college, was the last one I went to. Instead of concerts, I opted for sorority philanthropy events and studying and work. You kept going to concerts. And as much as I love being busy, nothing could beat the rush of energy during a concert with you.

It was after we had both gotten boyfriends and neither of us told each other about them, that I realized things were different. We hardly talked, unless it was for our own benefit. When I was home over summer, we didn't hang out once, even though I live 15 minutes away from you. Our schedules kept conflicting and eventually I gave up and I went back to college.

I can barely pass a Dunkin' Donuts without thinking about you. It's dumb, I know. But, you're the reason I love iced coffee and specifically Dunkin's iced coffee. When I go on late night adventures with my roommates, I think about our own little late night adventures and coffee runs. I wish they would listen to rock, like us, but I think it may rub salt in my wounds.

There are certain songs and bands I can't listen to without thinking about you. I can't stop remembering how it felt to dance and sing along to our favorite bands in the car. I go through old photos on my phone, just so I can relive old memories in a place where things were easier and happier.

I wish you were here with me. Probably just as you wish I hadn't moved away. I wish you were able to watch me and help me grow, as much as I wish I could with you. Even though I've gained more friends and, thankfully, amazing roommates, it doesn't mean that there's no room for you in my life anymore. Sure, a small distance is a little bit of a barrier, but we told each other almost everything. I miss being able to tell you about my life and I miss being able to listen about yours. I miss complaining together about homework, work, and boys.

I miss being real with each other during our worst days and supporting each other during these times. I miss coffee dates, cats, and concerts. Really, nothing is quite the same without you.

I miss being best friends.

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