To my little sister,

You aren't even that little anymore, considering you are about to enter your senior year of high school, which just typing that sentence alone that blows my mind. Also, to be completely fair, I doubt you'll even read this because you are still in the phase where everything I do is so embarrassing to you, but secretly I know you love me! But realistically, you'll blame it on camp and being unplugged for 23 hours every day. You have become the best person in my life over the past few years, and I think its simply because you get me. You get my weird obsessions, my love of television (even though yours is WAY more), our love of all things camp, and the bond we will share for the rest of time.

You are so dedicated to becoming a better person every day which amazes me. You study your butt off every night after school so that you can get the best grade in every class. Even though you don't even need to try, you shock me when you come back and say you only got one question wrong on an AP English test that I barely passed in high school. You always try your best at soccer, a sport that you aren't going pro for, no offense, but that doesn't stop you from loving the sport on and off the field. You know everything about the USA Women's team, and could talk to Dad about the sport for hours, which I sit there and nod my head as if I know anything about it. You are so dedicated to beat Mom and I at the game of watching WAY to much television, and yo can basically check all of Netflix off your list. You know all the best movies to binge on a boring weekend at home, and could aslo probably list every single movie and show youv'e seen in your lifetime. That is probably the most impressive thing on your list of characteristics.

You are also my ride or die best friend. Even though you may not care when I sit and complain about something, and then proceed to kick me out of your room in a screaming match of 'LEAVE ME ALONE' (it's okay btw), I know hours later we could be back sitting and laughing at some stupid Vine video and talking about pointless things neither of us know anything about. You are going to do amazing things one day, and I know that for a fact.

Even if you don't come to FSU with me, as long as you never wear orange and blue, I'll still tell people you're my sister.

Love you longtime LB.