To My High School

To My High School

I can't thank you enough..

To My High School,

Being a sophomore in college has me reminiscing a lot about the countless hours I spent growing up in you. In between your walls I cried, laughed, succeeded and failed. I made memories with new friends, while I grew apart from others. I walked in thinking I knew who I was and what I stood for. But that was far from the truth. Coming from a small private school- I walked in with a clean slate. Terrified, yet excited to embark on a new journey as a Patriot. And I just can’t thank you enough.

Thank you for introducing me to the most kind-hearted, hilarious and genuine friends. To this day they still help me through the bad days, and continue to make the best days that much better. I simply did not know what true friendship was until I walked through your doors as a 14 year old.

Thank you for challenging me, thank you for being hard on me. Thank you for not making getting good grades easy. You taught me that everything won’t always come easily, and work ethic was important. You taught me if I slacked off, it would show. Not just in academics, but everything in life. Success isn’t given to you rather earned. And you taught me that.

Thank you for being my second home. Friends became family, the cafeteria became the kitchen table, classrooms were the T.V. room and teachers became your parents from 7:25 to 2:10. Thank you for making the environment as comfortable as home. Although sometimes I wished that I could sleep in a little later, or not have to take tests, it was all taken place in a positive environment.

Thank you for still being in my life today. Your lessons are with me every day. The friends you introduced me to are still present in my life. And the spirit of being a patriot is as well. I wouldn’t be who I was today without you. And I will admit I miss you from time to time.

Thank you for everything Wootton.

Patriots Rule.



Cover Image Credit: Renee Citren

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If College Majors Were Beverages College Kids Love, In Alphabetic Order

There's more than just coffee...

So this trend has been going around online for a while, and I have also fallen victim to reading every list despite the university. I decided to make my own little list dedicated to the students at Florida Gulf Coast University (from A-Z of course). And as always, please drink responsibly, and go easy on the hot chocolate.

1. Art Major - Japanese Ramune drink

Art majors come in all levels of creativity, and sometimes they're a mix of interesting, strange, and exciting all wrapped with a pretty satin bow. To some, Ramune drinks are weird as hell, some think they are awesome, and some think of a mixture in between. They are like the bright neon-haired tattoo artist that is a part of the Pokemon religion and adore Disney pinups. They are here to stay, loud and proud art majors. And honestly, any college would be so bland without them.

2. Business Major - Martini

Classy, original, and they look so good paired with a business suit. Martinis are awesome, they aren't overly-exciting, but not too boring either, they're the perfect casual thing to order on a Saturday night at a bar or in a restaurant.

3. Criminal Justice Major - Moonshine

These guys deal with a lot of stuff, ever watched criminal minds? There are a heck of a lot of screwed up cases out there and for all the future forensic scientists, officers, agents, and everyone else here's a hefty shot of good-old-American-prohibition-toilet bowl-yeehaw-kickass moonshine. Have a nice day.

4. Computer Science Major - Mountain Dew

Computer science majors are wired differently (see what I did there?), they gotta know math, science, and a whole world of stuff most people don't really know about. Though they might be spending most of their time as grandma's tech support they are the smart cookies of the future. So here's a futuristic neon green drink full of who the hell knows what. Enjoy!

5. Education Major - Spiked Juice Box

Children are the light of life... unless your job is to be surrounded by them longer than you are reimbursed for and in that case you are more than welcome to have a special drink dedicated to you. Teachers, professors, and educators are incredible because they doing 100 different careers on top of being teachers. They are counselors, nurses, life coaches, educators, people who essentially shape each generation into becoming teachers, businessmen/women, dentists surgeons, artists, writers, performers, soldiers, the list goes on. However, you simply cannot be that chipper without some kind of relief. So here you go education majors, this one's for you.

6. English Major - Tea

Tea, hot tea, iced tea, long island iced tea. Tea any which way. English majors are like a good cup of tea, it takes time to boil a kettle, find the right bag type, pour the tea, steep the tea, and then add a proper amount of milk or sugar. English majors know how to party so they also know all the gossip about everyone (that's why their bags are so big, they're full of secrets). They invented "spilling the tea", so never cross an English major cause they'll backhand you with grammar flashbacks from third grade.

7. Environmental Sciences Major - Aloe Vera Water

Conservation tactics are everything to Environmental Scientists. These guys are like the cool vegans that you can get Chipotle with and talk about cute pandas with, as opposed to the stereotypical angry asshat that thinks you have to kill a cow to get milk.

8. History Major - Rum

In order to carry all of history's mistakes, these people need a good strong drink. A drink that pirates and sailors used as sustenance!

9. Hospitality Major - Hot Chocolate

I love hospitality majors! They are the nicest, most real people ever! I have yet to meet one rude hospitality major, and just like a warm and comforting cup of hot chocolate, these people will try to make you feel at home almost anywhere.

10. Languages Major - Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is universal, go anywhere in the world and they'd either know what you're talking about, or they have some weird off-brand version of the exact same thing. The Coca-Cola brand has spread to all corners of the earth, and just like language, it is something that unites us every for every Olympic or Christmas event

11. Marine Biology Major - Pina Colada

I'm not saying that marine biology is a swim in the ocean (my puns will never die). While most marine biologists often do more lab work than any actual dolphin rescuing, there's no need to make yourself feel left out. Every day is a beach day, any place is tropical when you have enough pina colada mix.

12. Math Major - Beer

I only know one person who's a math major, and just like beer, he's pretty okay. People think math majors are hard, complex people because they are good at something 98% of the world suck at (me included), but most of them aren't they're just well-rounded individuals who know how to party without passing out at a 90-degree angle.

13. Music Major - Fine Wine

Ageless, classical, and old af. Music majors are like fine wine, they like what they like, their music tastes are top-notch, and they were always the band teacher's favorite. But trust me, after reliving Beethoven's Ode to Joy a bazillion times, anyone would need a little red to wash it down.

14. Political Science - Vodka

Just wash it down, wash it all down.

15. Pre-Med Major - Irish Coffee

A mix of two things whiskey and coffee. Pre-med majors are also made of two things; an endless system of multiple-choice based answers consisting of the subjects of biology, anatomy, chemistry, and physicals, and no sleep. I have somewhat of an idea of how you do it because I am also a college student. How you guys do it for four years of undergrad, then four years of med school, plus three to seven years of residency training to just get a license is beyond me.

16. Psychology Major - Any Starbucks Frappuccino ever

Psychology is like a fancy Starbucks frappe, you think you know what it is on the surface. But once you go to their website, see the actual calories and the amount of stuff put into it, you realize there is so much more to that drink than you ever thought was possible.

17. Science Major - Jello Shots

There is a legitimate science to making these shots because there's also a million ways you can f*** it up. Just like every science, one small mistake means you have to re-start everything and makes any person with average patience question their sanity. Just like any other major, work hard, party harder.

18. Sports Management/Athletic Training Major -

This one is easy, something about electrolytes.

Cover Image Credit: @frappuccino / Instagram

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Why I Chose To Attend High Point University

The Most Extraordinary College In The Country

Every university has a specific culture that dominates their campus. At High Point University, I've found the one that most appeals to me.

Founded in 1924 as High Point College, much about this new university has changed from those past landmarks and student bodies. Today as it stands, with one of a kind facilities, beautiful landscape and even a multitude of lavish fountains, people are comparing the university to Disney World.

Although, the school is much more than just a pretty campus. The university's students are a vast and diverse group, with just only a quarter being from the state of North Carolina itself. Students come from all over the country, from towns like San Diego, CA, Boca Raton, FL, and even myself, from a tiny town in northern New Jersey.

Being from the northeast, I can definitely attest to the fast-paced atmosphere and culture of the university as being very much like that of my home state. Although one thing that is very different is the people. Not just the students, who yes, come from all different walks of life, but more importantly the staff and faculty here at High Point.

Without a doubt, the staff is the friendliest people I have ever met. This doesn’t just limit itself to one or two workers, but the entirety of the faculty here at HPU never makes you feel unwelcome.

You could attribute this to simply "southern charm," but I think it is more than that. As I have visited many schools in the south, I felt more welcomed and at home when I visited High Point than any other college. Being from the north, I am not really used to people going out of their way to be polite, and ask how your day was. Seeing High Point from a cross-culture perspective has lead me to truly appreciate the university and the people who work here.

You can't drive onto campus without being greeted by a smiling security guard. The first time I visited the college, I remember pulling up to the front gates and the security guard requested that I roll down my window so he could see my face and say "hello."

Along the tour and while meeting advisers, everybody was extremely kind and considerate, which is something I am honestly not used to receiving in New Jersey. Not that people from the North are all mean and cold-hearted people, but we tend to just keep to ourselves and basically try to have as little interaction with other people as possible.

Here at High Point, they make you feel like a part of the family from the first time you set foot on campus before even accepting your admission. It's clear that the faculty and staff value students first and always put your need above their own.

In comparing High Point University to the community college I transferred from, the values of each are drastically different. My old community worried about taking your money and not taking care of you. High Point absolutely values their students and cares for them as individuals, not just as their surviving income.

High Point is definitely not your typical college. When most see grades dropping, the start to label you as less, but High Point contacts you to get you back on track. They care about getting to the root of the problem and finding practical ways to solve it.They offer tutoring services and success coaches, even counseling services if there is a personal matter affecting your grades. They care about the individual, and genuinely so.

The first time I ever heard our president, Nido Qubein, give a speech, there was something that I took away from it and today, it is still with me. He told us, "When you walk around this campus, do not moan and whine with your head down feeling sorry for yourself. Walk with your head up, a big smile on your face, like you own the place. This is your campus."

He isn't just saying this to us as an empty statement, he genuinely means this. And by just being here for a day you can see it truly is the students' campus. From the campus concierge, extraordinary dining facilities, a plethora of options for study places, and everything else that caters specifically to the students' needs, anybody can see that High Point University truly cares about its students' futures and success.

Not only does the campus reflect its sole purpose is for the student body, but the staff also reflects it in their jobs. Every time I visit one of the many restaurants here on campus, I am instantly greeted with a big smile and wave. When riding the shuttle, you always say hello to the driver and thank them when you’ve reached your destination.

The friendliness and politeness on this campus cannot compare to the lack thereof where I am from. No one holds the door or cares to smile as you pass by. It's a very wholesome feeling to realize that the people who work for High Point University truly care about you and don't just toss you aside like you're just another student ID number.

Something is truly extraordinary here at High Point. Our culture is that of kindness, generosity, and genuine people who are dependable. This is learned by everyone who becomes a student here, and so they take these values they've adopted from here and bring it with them when they go home. High Point is not just a school, but also a family.

Cover Image Credit: Journal Now

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