To My High School

To My High School

I can't thank you enough..

To My High School,

Being a sophomore in college has me reminiscing a lot about the countless hours I spent growing up in you. In between your walls I cried, laughed, succeeded and failed. I made memories with new friends, while I grew apart from others. I walked in thinking I knew who I was and what I stood for. But that was far from the truth. Coming from a small private school- I walked in with a clean slate. Terrified, yet excited to embark on a new journey as a Patriot. And I just can’t thank you enough.

Thank you for introducing me to the most kind-hearted, hilarious and genuine friends. To this day they still help me through the bad days, and continue to make the best days that much better. I simply did not know what true friendship was until I walked through your doors as a 14 year old.

Thank you for challenging me, thank you for being hard on me. Thank you for not making getting good grades easy. You taught me that everything won’t always come easily, and work ethic was important. You taught me if I slacked off, it would show. Not just in academics, but everything in life. Success isn’t given to you rather earned. And you taught me that.

Thank you for being my second home. Friends became family, the cafeteria became the kitchen table, classrooms were the T.V. room and teachers became your parents from 7:25 to 2:10. Thank you for making the environment as comfortable as home. Although sometimes I wished that I could sleep in a little later, or not have to take tests, it was all taken place in a positive environment.

Thank you for still being in my life today. Your lessons are with me every day. The friends you introduced me to are still present in my life. And the spirit of being a patriot is as well. I wouldn’t be who I was today without you. And I will admit I miss you from time to time.

Thank you for everything Wootton.

Patriots Rule.



Cover Image Credit: Renee Citren

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Getting Straight A's In College Is Not Worth Failing Your Mental Health

A's are nice, but you are more than a letter.


The idea of getting an A on every paper, every exam, every assignment, seems great. It can be known as a reassurance of our hard work and dedication to our 4+ classes we attend every single day.

Losing sleep, skipping meals, forgetting to drink water, skipping out on time with friends and family; these are the things that can occur when your letter of an A is what you are living for.

You are worth more than the grade letter, or the GPA number on your transcript.

Listen, don't get me wrong, getting A's and B's definitely is something to feel accomplished for. It is the approval that you did it, you completed your class, and your hard work paid off.

But honey, get some sleep.

Don't lose yourself, don't forget who you are. Grades are important, but the true measurement of self-worth and accomplishment is that you tried your best.

Trying your best, and working hard for your goals is something that is A-worthy.

Reserve time for yourself, for your sanity, your health, your mental health.

At the end of the day, grades might look nice on a piece of paper, but who you are and how you represent yourself can be even more honorable.


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Host Families Are The Best When Going Abroad

Host families will get you closer to language, culture, food and fun!


Have you ever thought about going abroad? Or maybe you've already decided to go and are dealing with all the paperwork right now? There are so many options to explore a different culture and various perspectives on life. You can go abroad and study at a foreign university. If you're not interested in studying, you can apply for a job and gain first working experience abroad. Also, you can do an internship in a different country, or work as a volunteer in a help organization. So many options. But they have one thing in common: A host family.

A host family is a family who takes in young people, who left their country to work or study abroad, for a certain time. Obviously, a host family is not a must. If you don't feel it, you can rent an apartment and that's totally fine. However, I would like to tell you today why I think a host family is one of the best things while going abroad.

First of all, you learn the foreign language a lot better. I mean, that's one of the reasons for going abroad, right? You want to improve that language you've been studying at home. And there is no better way than to speak it every day with native speakers. And that's what your host family offers you. Living together, communication is a necessity, and thus the best motivation to improve your language skills!

Second, when living with a host family you get to try the traditional dishes of the country. In my opinion, the cuisine is a very important part of a country's culture. It's thus a huge difference if you go abroad and keep on cooking your stuff from home, or whether you experience a new culture through their nutrition. Take the chance and get to know new recipes, new spices, and new dishes. It's so exciting!

Third, a host family is the best place to get to know the culture of a foreign country. You'll learn all about their holidays, celebrations and traditions not simply by listening about them but by living them! Your host parents will make you part of the preparations and you get to ask questions throughout the whole experience. There is no better option to get to learn about a culture!

Forth, and probably the most important one, a host family is a trusted friend in a foreign world. When you're leaving home you expect everything in the new country to work as easy and usual as you know it from back home. But that is often not the case. And very often you're ending up in a chaos of opening bank accounts, applying for new phone numbers, looking for apartments, figuring out a hundred things for your studies, … all by your own. A host family is there for you if you need help and assists you during your first days, weeks, sometimes even months of your stay abroad.

If you want to apply for a semester or internship abroad and didn't consider a host family at all, do it now. Those of you who already have been through the experience of going abroad and living with a host family know what I'm talking about. I definitely can say that my host families became friends for life and I'm infinitely grateful for the help and warmth they offered me.

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